About Us

Hello everyone!!, my name is Mariah adeboboye, I am a self taught cook and a food connoisseur and you are welcome to my food blog.

Mariellas menu, which started out from my love for well prepared and beautifully presented Indigenous Nigerian meals, has now evolved into a creative outlet to share all facets of my interest in food preparation and presentation. 
There is a growing demand for organic and fresh foods, packed with their natural flavors and goodness all over the world, mariellas menu as a food blog is highly suited to

this demand as it sets out to inspire people to cook and eat fresh everyday. From students on a budget, to large families who are also very busy.the goal of this blog is to inspire people to eat freshly home cooked meals as well as encourage family togetherness by sharing recipes that require minimalist efforts, because according the believe at mariellas menu, "A family who eats together, stays together!

My deep love for food has made me excited about all the foods I have tasted from the various countries I have been privilege to visit, I shall also be recreating those recipes here, using organic and locally sourced ingredients. Sit back as I put these ingredients together to make excellent recipes which am sure will put a smile on your face and get you wondering why you never thought of them. My recipes are clearly explained with step by step instructions, cooks tips and a scrumptious photo of the finished delicacy.

Follow me as I take you on a whirlwind journey of my kitchen experiences and enjoy the simple pleasures of excellent food recipes, beautiful photos and the wonderful stories behind them!

Please feel free to drop your comments as I am blessed by them.

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