My crunchy Salad!

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Christmas came quickly for me this year. I mean, it was January a few months ago and now all of a sudden it’s December. I was really busy for most part of the year, so much activities came in between and in all, I can say that I am thankful to God.

Christmas for me is usually filled with lots of cooking and merry making but I recently moved to a new city, far from my extended family, so my cooking was just for my immediate family and my older brother who traveled for four hours to spend the Christmas holiday with us. It was a new experience for me, celebrating Christmas small, I am that person who prepares a feast! All of the party pleasing varieties on the Nigerian menu that you can imagine. It gives me joy when I see people eating my food and attesting to my excellent cooking skills. Don’t mean to brag!

Even though Christmas was small for me and my family, we sat at the table and ate our delicious lunch and the most amazing part of it was the fact that my daughter said she loved everyone on the table. Something must have made her say those words, I didn’t ask her what exactly, it might have been the delicious food, and I at least hope so! Maybe she loved the close knit celebration we had and she felt loved, who knows? I didn’t ask her, I only just replied that I loved her back.

This is the season of love, a colourful season too, I have made a really colourful salad to brighten your day. It is quick and easy, crunchy and very colourful too. And you know what I always say about colourful food? The more colourful your food is, the more nutrients lies therein! So try this salad out this festive season, pack in all the vitamins and minerals, and then thank me later.

Salad time!

1) Half red cabbage
2) Half iceberg lettuce
3) 1 large white onion
4) 1 Red bell pepper
5) 1 yellow bell pepper
6) 1 pack cherry tomatoes
7) 6 hard boiled eggs
8) Salad dressing of your choice

1) Prepare all the vegetables by washing them thoroughly and boil the eggs for at least 6 minutes

2) Finely slice the red cabbage, iceberg lettuce and onion, then chop the bell peppers into small cubes and set aside

3) Now layer all of the ingredients into a neat salad tray,

Cookstip: you can mix all of the vegetables together if you like, it is all still the same, for me though, I like to layer the vegetables on a tray, then mix small portions with salad dressing when needed. That way if there have left overs, you can store in the fridge and it will still remain fresh!
There you have it everyone, my delicious crunchy salad. Mariellasmenu is on Instagram, Facebook and twitter, follow us for more amazing recipes! Merry Christmas!!!!!

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