Sphagetti on a sardine budget!

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All the students in the house gather here quickly!!!! Who ever said eating well had to be expensive? No no no not on Mariellasmenu! I remember being a student back in Ahmadu Bello university Zaria, life was really good then, food was cheap and fresh and it was just less expensive to cook for yourself. I mean I can actually brag now about how I made many pots of soups and stews at different times for about N250-N300 back then, because of how cheap food stuffs were in Zaria compared to eating out at  the school restaurants in social centre and queen Amina hall. Pleasant memories I must say. though now, the case is totally different with the incessant rise in the cost of food.

But who says you cannot eat good food on a friendly student budget still? With careful planning and budgeting, sourcing for cheap but fresh ingredients will help you eat well no matter how small your budget is, then again you and your roommate can actually split the bills for any meal you want to prepare, thereby keeping your budget for that meal even smaller. you will find out that you have spare change in your pocket while keeping your stomach happy as well. I made this one pot wonder on a meagre diet, I love how colourful and delicious it turned out, I love colourful meals, I cannot say it enough.

 I am going to list out all the ingredients and their prices along, you can add or take out any of the ingredients as it pleases you, that’s just fine. I call it lunch on a sardine budget, let me show you how to make it 

Lets cook!

1) Spaghetti N100
2) Tomatoes and pepper N100
3) Vegetable oil 3 table spoons
4) Carrot N50
5) Peas N50
6) Garlic (I had at home)
7) Basil (curry leaves)
8) onions
9)sardine N250
10) Seasoning 8g
11) Salt

1) Prep all your ingredients first so you won’t have to rush later on, I chopped my tomatoes because I wanted to have chunky bits in my food but you can blend yours along with the pepper.

2) I blended pepper, a sprig of basil, half a bulb of onions, and garlic with a little water, then I set it aside while.

3) Peel and chop the carrots too and slice the other half of the onions. That’s about all the preparations you would need

4) Add water in a large pot and allow to boil, then add in the spaghetti and a tea spoon of oil so it doesn’t stick together, allow to cook until a bit tender. Drain and set this aside

Cookstip: try not to over boil your spaghetti because it will still simmer for a few minutes in the sauce, you don’t want over cooked and soggy spaghetti, you might end up eating it alone. Besides, it doesn’t keep well in the freezer if you have extras.

5) Now in a clean wok/pan/pot, add in the three spoons of vegetable oil and allow to simmer for 1 minute, add in the sliced onions and stir for a minute, now quickly pour in the blended tomatoes, pepper, garlic and basil paste into the pot and continue to stir this until the paste is well fried and reduced, add in the chopped carrots and peas and give those a minute to simmer, just so it gets tender enough but not too soft

6) Quickly add in the boiled spaghetti and mix this well, add in a bit of water if you desire and allow a good 2 minutes for all of the sauce and spaghetti to be well incorporated
Cookstip: I added more water in mine because my children love spaghetti with sauce, they love to slurp while they ea,t but you can leave out the water if you don’t want it saucy, it’s totally up to you, no recipe is set on stone.

7) Add in the canned sardines and stir, give it another minute and take it off the cooker and your amazing Lunch is ready!!! like I said, it doesn't have to be heavy on your pocket! follow us on Instagram, Facebook and twitter @mariellasmenu

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