Fisherman soup

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On my very delicious menu today is the amazing fisherman soup! Perhaps one of the most famous indigenous riverine delicacies; this recipe is made with an assortment of seafood and a few robust Nigerian spices that creates a wonderfully intense flavour. This dish is indeed one to prepare for your family and friends, as it is an ultimate crowd pleaser. A little taste of this delicious south southern delicacy will leave them wanting more and more.

The first time I tried this dish was in Eket in Akwa-ibom state; and like most akwa-ibom dishes, this recipe is very rich, as it is packed with the best ingredients available at the fishmongers market. With this, there is no denying the fact that delicacies from the riverine areas are always so delicious and fresh due to the availability of seafood present in their region.

This soup has semblance with rivers native soup, although slightly different, they are both very delicious hearty meals that should be enjoyed in company of friends and family. It is also very similar to a Mediterranean seafood soup called bouillabaisse made with a rich mixture of fish, shellfish and prawns and flavoured with tomatoes, saffron and orange. I like to say that the world is interconnected one way or another by food and this recipe brings that thought to life in many ways.

This is a pretty simple and straight forward recipe and it cooks quickly too, seafood doesn’t cook for too long, else it will begin to scatter all over the place. Am really excited to get this recipe going, I actually made it for my family here at home to celebrate Mariellasmenu clocking three years. We have put out a contest on all our social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram and twitter so as to reach out to our able customers and followers. A lucky winner will win a 2 litre bowl of our delicious efo-riro soup as well as 3 thousand naira worth of recharge vouchers. You can check that out on our social media platforms later on. For now, let me quickly share this recipe with you so you can recreate and celebrate with us from home as well.

Let’s cook!

1) Seafood assortments ( I used snails, prawns, fresh fish, and periwinkles)
2) Dry pepper ( I made it spicy, use as you desire)
3) Crayfish 20g
4) Oziza leaf a handful
5) Oziza seed 10g
6) Palmoil ¾ of a cup
7) Okra 10g
8) Pounded yam (I used to thicken the soup)
9) Seasoning 10g
10) Salt 2g

1) Prepare all of the ingredients by washing them thoroughly

2) then, boil and pound the yam and set aside, this is to be used to give the soup its slightly thick consistency

3) Now, in a clean pot with about 2 cups of water, add the seafood assortment and season well, pound the oziza seeds and tie in a sieve cloth, add this into the pot as well and allow all to simmer for 5 minutes then set this aside.

Cookstip: I do not add the fish immediately with the rest of the seafood because I don’t want the fish to break into bits, you can add the fish after the rest simmers for 3 minutes

4) Now take out the tied oziza seeds from the pot and add into another pot of boiling water

Cooks tip: another 2 cups of water will do. Remember I cook for my large family hence my measurements. Please adjust your measurements accordingly.

5) Add in the crayfish, dried pepper, seasoning and salt, stir this a little before adding the palm oil.

6) Bring the heat down a little and add in the sliced oziza leaves. Allow to simmer for two minutes or just enough time for the release of the distinctive oziza aroma.

7) Now start adding dollops of the crushed yam/pounded yam inside the pot and allow to melt and dissolve. By this time you will notice that the sauce has thickened.

8) Pour this sauce into the parboiled seafood assortment and stir gently, still on low heat, allow this to simmer for 4 minutes or until the sauce is well incorporated with the seafood.

9) Add in the fresh okra chunks and periwinkles and stir again gently, give this a minute, then set it down and your delicious fisherman soup is ready to be devoured with any Nigerian swallow.

with the christmas festivities just around the corner, I think you should add this to your christmas dinner menu! do you already have plans for your christmas party? comment below and let us know. remember to follow our instagram page to take part in the contest.

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