chicken and cauliflower soup

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On my very delicious menu today is chicken and cauliflower soup, a dish that I have come to really love from the first time I tried it. I am a huge fan of cauliflower because, to me, it looks and tastes almost like broccoli and I love broccoli so much. No matter the recipe I make it into, for me broccoli will always be a favorite of mine, so being that cauliflower has semblance with broccoli, it makes my favorite vegetable list as well.

Cauliflower is an excellent healthy replacement for rice and potatoes, especially if you a diabetic, or just interested in a healthy lifestyle change due to the fact that it is weight loss friendly. The upside to adding cauliflower into your diet is that, because it has such a bland taste on its own, it tends to mop up the taste of every other ingredient you use along with it in any given recipe. Call it jack of all taste but master of none and you will be so right! Did I mention that it is also very filling? Hence it will keep you satiated for a long time but without the sugar rush. Just imagine substituting cauliflower for all your rice and potato dishes, then you would understand just how versatile this vegetable is.

Cauliflower can be made into jollof cauliflower rice, cauliflower fried rice, you can boil and mash it as a replacement for mashed potatoes, it can be grilled and eaten with a healthy dipping sauce, the taste of grilled cauliflower replicates roast yam but of course it is not the same. You can boil and mash it for use as cottage pie topping rather than potatoes, it can even be made into cauliflower swallow for those of us who love our solid food and soup.

Apart from how amazingly delicious this vegetable is, it is also a super-food that help ward off lots of diseases. such as diseases of the brain, heart diseases, diabetes and the dreaded cancer. Cauliflower is a cruciferous vegetable just like broccoli and cabbage, kale and Brussel sprouts and it contains a combination of cancer fighting antioxidants such as, carotenoids, tocopherols and ascorbic acid. These are elements that are believed to reduce the size of cancerous tumours by about 50%.

As further explained on; studies has shown that, cauliflower is very useful for the prevention of cancer and for fighting inflammation. Also, it decreases the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson disease. So tell me why this vegetable shouldn’t make your own list of favorite vegetables?

If you really want to relish this recipe, try using fleshy parts of chicken, like chicken breasts, this way, there will be no obstructions with every mouthful you gobble up. For today though, I used chicken thighs and I left the bones in it, I like the extra flavor this adds to the dish and I get to crack some bones as well. I guess that makes me a true Nigerian as we love some bones in our meat.

I also like to make this dish a bit watery, just so I can sip the spicy soup along while I relax with outstretched legs on a cushion. But if you like it thick, you can leave it on low heat to simmer for a few more minutes, and this will allow the soup thicken to the consistency you desire.

Lets cook!

1) Broccoli 500g or 2 heads
2) Chicken 500g
3) Mixed bell peppers as desired (tatashe) (red, green and yellow)
4) Scotch bonnets atarodo (as desired)
5) Garlic ( I used a whole bulb) I love garlic a lot
6) Onions 1 medium sized bulb
7) Seasoning cubes 10g
8) Salt (small pinch)
9) Carrots (optional) just for more colors
10) Olive oil or any oil (3 table spoons)

1) Prepare all the ingredients by washing and cutting into bite size pieces, cut the cauliflower into little florets and grate the ginger, just so that you get all the ingredients in your spoon with every scoop. when you take a mouthful of the dish, you would have a everything in it

Cooks tip: this dish takes about 7 minutes cook time, the bulk of the work is used up preparing the ingredients.

2) In a clean pan, add in the 3 table spoons of oil, it might even be too much because chicken releases its own oils as well, so use maybe two spoons. I realized while cooking this recipe that my dish turned out a bit oily

3) Add in the grated garlic, sliced onions and half of the peppers that you have chopped, stir fry for a minute the quickly add the fresh chicken and the seasoning and salt

4) Keep stir frying until the chicken becomes tender, you would also notice an increase in the liquid in the pan, every meat releases its juices when it is under heat

Cookstip: at this point you will find out the fragrant garlic, the spicy scotch bonnets and the sweet peppers has been deeply infused into the chicken, flavoring it deeply and resulting into a perfect marriage of all the ingredients. I promise you, you and your family will fall in love with this dish

5) Once you have achieved this stage, add in the cauliflower and stir fry quickly, then pour in about 400ml of water.

Cookstip: I have a measuring cup at home, but you can use any cup and add as much water as you want, depends on the consistency that you want. Like I said before, I like mine a bit watery.

6) Allow this to simmer on low heat for another 3 minutes or until the cauliflower has soaked in all the goodness from the rich chicken stock and is visibly tender. Cauliflower doesn’t cook for too long, so try to watch out.

7) Once this is cooked to your desire, add in the rest of the chopped peppers, stir, drop it down and serve hot! This is a complete meal for me but you can serve this as a sauce with rice or pasta. I believe that your family would ask for more

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