Unripe plantain chips

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Plantain chips are the ultimate Nigerian street snack right now, especially for people who are on the go. I mean, everywhere you turn, you would find someone with a bag of plantain chips and I believe it’s because they are well packaged and portable and can fit easily into any bag. Sort of like a grab and go snack if I can call them that. Whether ripe or unripe, soft or crunchy, peppered or plain, plantain chips are also very filling as they help keep people satiated until about lunch time, am very sure that this is why plantain chips are a favourite amongst workers.

But did you know that a pack of plantain chips is loaded with a lot of salt? So much salt that it is almost impossible to taste the plantain at all. And the thing with our taste buds is that, once food gets into our mouth, the taste buds senses and responds to the different tastes and then sends this information to the brain regarding the taste of the food. That is, if it is salty, sweet, bitter or sour. It is believed that the taste buds in charge of sensing the saltiness in meals is located at the tip of the tongue, so once you stuff these salty plantain chips in your mouth, what your taste buds pick out is the saltiness first and not even the real taste of the plantain chips!

As stated in www.medicalnewstoday.com, our daily intake of salt is highly important for proper fluid balance and muscle and nerve function, as salt help regulate blood fluids in the human body. However, it has been proven by research that excessive salt intake can lead to high blood pressure, weight gain, stomach cancer, kidney stones and cardiovascular diseases.

So why not make your own plantain chips at home and control the amount of salt you add into it? Especially if you have unripe plantains at home like I do right now. Rather than leave them at home to ripen all at once, you can make them into chips and store in air tight containers for at least a week. You can make them in batches before they ripen and pack some for work too, if you are one who is constantly on the go. Alternatively you can buy plantains in small bits, 200 naira worth of unripe plantain is quite a lot, you can get this and make chips yourself.

The chips I have made today is just plain plantain chips but you can season and spice it as it pleases you, remember to go easy on the salt and you will be just fine with your recipe. I have never had to add salt to plantain when I chip them or fry as a side dish, I find this completely irrelevant, especially with ripe plantains because they are so sweet on their own. I totally skip adding salt and my family is used to this already. But when I serve guests, I find that I always have to explain my reasons and so far it is always accepted.

Let’s make chips!

1) Green plantains ( as much as you desire)

2) Oil for frying

3) 2 pinches of salt ( I suggest you do without it)

4) Milled dried chillies (optional, I didn’t use this in this recipe)

1) Peel the plantains and make sure none of the skin is left on the flesh, it there is, you can easily peel off when you are about to slice

2) Slice the plantains into desired shapes

Cooks tip: it could be full length, thin rounds or as diagonals, any shape at all, slice to shapes that pleases you. I sliced mine round today to replicate the chips on sale on the streets and to get this perfect thinly sliced rounds, I used a mandolin that I bought for 200 naira. As cheap as the mandolin was, it gave me the ultimate rounds!

Cooks tip: After slicing, I spread the plantains on a tray and left them to air for about 30 minutes. This is just so that any moisture on the plantains would dry out and this stopped the chips from sticking together when I started frying.

3) Heat the oil in a deep pan, make sure to add enough oil to fully cover the plantains and allow it to get really hot, about 400F is ideal, you can try this out by dropping a few plantains in the oil, once it sizzles then its ready

4) Now start adding the plantains to the hot oil, but be careful not to over crowd the pan so as to keep the plantains from sticking together

5) Fry and stir the plantains gently, you need to pay attention here as the plantains fry very quickly because of how thinly sliced they are.

6) Remove the chips from the oil once they are golden or fried to your desire, drain on paper towels to get rid of excess oil, sprinkle with very little salt, or leave this part out all together and your home made chips is ready! As it gets cooler, it gets crunchier.

Be inspired!


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