How to make unripe plantain fufu

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Hello everyone! On the menu today, is the very easy to make unripe plantain fufu recipe, I call it easy to make because, the process is totally devoid of hassles. And as you all know, quick and stress less recipes makes cooking enjoyable for many people.

Plantain is enjoyed by almost everyone, especially when it is made into dodo and eaten with delicious stewed beans like my last recipe here; but for me though, I prefer unripe plantain due to its versatility, as it can be made into many healthy recipe options, such as unripe plantain porridge, catfish pepper soup with unripe plantain like this other recipe I have here. it can be sliced thinly with a mandolin and made into plantain chips or grilled as boli served with delicious fish sauce and greens, it can also be dried and milled into plantain flour for amala, when ripe it can be made into desserts and breads and so much more. Unripe plantains which are such great substitutes for rice and potatoes for people who are diabetic or who are just looking to lose a bit of weight, are a great source of potassium and potassium helps combat the effects of sodium, thus making plantain an excellent blood pressure regulating food.


Plantains are high in fibre, so when consumed, plantains aid digestion, the high fibre content also means that plantains will keep you very full for a long time. They also contain magnesium which help keep the body healthy as well as control blood sugar level. While it’s ripe counterpart (ripe plantains) even though very sweet, contains natural sugars that grownups can do without.

The best thing about this recipe is that, the plantain does not undergo any form of processing like it does when it is turned into plantain flour, this means that all the vitamins and minerals are retained in this swallow as opposed to processed plantain flour which we honestly cannot vouch for its contents when bought from the market. What’s not to love?

Let’s cook!

1) Unripe plantains

2) Water for blending


1) Wash, peel and chop the plantains into chunks small enough to fit into your blender

2) Add the water and blend until you get a very smooth and moderately thick paste

3) Now transfer this blended plantain paste into a clean pot and turn on the heat to low

4) Continue stirring the paste nonstop until it thickens enough to your taste

5) Drop it down and serve with any Nigerian soup of your choice and lunch is ready!!!!

Cooks tip: I used 3 medium sized plantains and that made enough fufu for me and my two daughters. Its so easy and straight forward, I believe everyone will love to try this recipe out

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