Nigerian stewed beans recipe

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On our menu today, is the very delicious Nigerian stewed beans, a recipe after the hearts of every Nigerian student. This is because one doesn’t have to add too much condiments into prepping beans for it to be delicious and this is a story every student wants to hear. I remember back in the university; during the exam period, which was usually the period when most students would be broke, I would run out of food supplies but never beans because of its low price and easy availability. beans is a staple that no one cares about, and if you prepared some, no one would eat with you. So it was always at the far end of my food storage. Imagine all I missed then relegating sweet beans to the background (especially the honeyed beans) when in fact it should have been top most on my meal list.

Every type of beans available today is highly nutritious and there are over 60 different varieties of edible beans. With the scientific name Phaseolus vulgaris, beans are produced from plants which belong to the leguminosae family and they contain 10% water, 24.5 % protein, 48% carbohydrates 14% dietary fibre and about 3% lipids. Beans also contain vitamin B, vitamin E, vitamin K and vitamin J. what’s even really amazing is that there are so many other recipes that can be made using beans, such as moi moi, akara, agoyin, beans and corn, beans and rice, ekuru and many more

Did you know that eating beans on a regular basis lowers cholesterol and sugar levels in the body? Well it does, due to the presence of dietary fibre, making it a go to staple for diabetics. It also helps prevent constipation and intestinal problems which is good news to those suffering from bloating. For this recipe today I will be preparing honeyed beans (oloyin) but feel free to use any beans you have in store, the recipe will still be grand! My recipe is simple and straight forward but most of all, it would put a smile on your family’s face.

Let’s cook!

1) Honeyed beans 600g
2) Scotch bonnets (atarodo) as desired
3) Tomatoes 60g
4) 2 large onion bulb
5) Seasoning 10g
6) Salt 2g
7) Palm oil half a cup
8) Water 6 cups
9) 1 Smoked mackerel optional

1) Measure and pick the beans neatly making sure there is no stone or chaff when you are ready to cook it

2) Rinse the beans once and then quickly add 6 cups of water or enough water to soften the beans into a clean pot and pour in the beans. Slice one of the onions into the pot at this point and allow it to cook together until tender

Cooks tip: I love soft beans, it has to practically melt in my mouth and I achieve this by adding enough water and sliced onions, then checking it regularly if a top up of water is needed to tenderize the beans to my taste. You should do this too

3) While the beans is simmering, wash and slice your tomatoes, scotch bonnets and the other large onion into small bits, don’t worry too much about the tomatoes because that disappears totally when it is fried and added into the beans. For the scotch bonnets, I used about 40g too because I love spicy beans. The spicier the better

4) In a clean small pot or frying pan, add the palm oil and allow to heat for 2 minutes, now add in the sliced onions and stir fry for a minute or until it begins to caramelise

5) Then add in the tomatoes and onions, stir fry these for about 5 minutes, you would find that you have a thick and rich tomatoes sauce, add in the smoked mackerel, seasoning and salt at this point and stir fry for another minute

Cooks tip: I must say to you that adding the mackerel is truly unnecessary, honeyed beans is so delicious on its own.the addition of tomatoes, sweetens it even further, albeit naturally, instead of adding sugar into beans as it is popularly done in Nigeria.

6) Now pour this sauce into the pot of beans, stir well and allow to simmer on low heat for 3 minutes or until the sauce is fully incorporated in the beans and it is ready!!!

7) Serve hot fried plantains or garri and tell me what you think about this recipe in the comments section below.

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