Raw cocoa chia pudding

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Wake up to my yummy chia breakfast pudding, one that I made from soaking chia seeds in coconut milk overnight and adding raw cocoa powder to the mix. To be completely honest with you, I can’t think of a more nutritious breakfast that can be as easy as this one. Just pop the soaked chia seeds in the fridge overnight and by morning, it is ready to eat. The upside to chia pudding is that, it is very nutritious and satisfying, eating it leaves you feeling full for a very long time. Which means you won’t have to snack on unhealthy foods before your actual lunch time. I have an easy chia pudding recipe that I made earlier on the blog, you can check that out by clicking here. This article also outlines the nutritional benefits of eating chia seeds and the many other uses of this wonderful seed.

If you are one like me, who likes a simple yet delicious breakfast, this recipe is for you to savour. The richness from the raw cocoa powder balances well with the coconut milk. Also the addition of honey to sweeten the pudding makes it the perfect breakfast to wake up to. I must say here that I topped this pudding with unsweetened shaved coconuts and pecan nuts for extra texture, but you can use any healthy toppings that you love such as fruits and nuts. Making this recipe totally yours will make you enjoy it even more. Please keep in mind that chia seeds double in size really quickly so a measurement of about a 100g will be just enough to feed a family of four at breakfast, you can adjust this measurement accordingly.

Breakfast time!

1) Chia seeds 100g
2) Coconut milk 500mls
3) Raw cocoa powder 2 table spoon full
4) Honey 30mls
5) Toppings (I used coconuts and raw pecan nuts)

1) Add the chia seeds into a clean bowl, one big enough to contain it once it has doubled in size

2) Pour in the coconut milk and mix it well so it does not form clumps

3) Pop this in the fridge and leave it overnight to soak up all the moisture and soften well enough to eat

4) by morning, it is time to take it out from the fridge, add more coconut milk if need be, that is if you want it a bit loose

5) It's at this point that you need to add in the raw cocoa powder and honey, mix all of these ingredients well and serve in small breakfast bowls, you can serve in ready to go breakfast pots like mine, that is if you would like to eat yours at work.

Cookstip: raw cocoa powder is rather bitter, be sure not to add too much, add just enough to give your pudding that chocolatey richness.

So you see, chia pudding really does taste as good as it is nutritious, try it today!  what did you have for breakfast? comment below i would love to hear.

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