Tomato Sauce

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My amazing tomato sauce recipe is on the spotlight today, this should totally inspire you because, it is my go to sauce for practically everything. It serves as my base for pasta, it is totally awesome when served with meatballs and pasta and it is delicious when used as a dipping sauce for chips and garlic breads.

A simple yet delightful recipe made with very fresh ingredients, this sauce wins my heart with its simplicity and amazing taste. You know how well basil and tomatoes blend together with garlic, I call all three of these ingredients best friends. They have their distinct tastes and aromas yet blend so well when used together.

You really need to try this at home! I won’t waste much of your time today. Let’s go straight to making the sauce.

1) Tomatoes 80g
2) Bell peppers 1 large
3) 1 scotch bonnet for some heat (optional)
4) Basil 3 sprigs
5) Garlic 4cloves
6) Onions 1 small bulb
7) Olive oil 3table spoons
8) Seasoning 3g
9) Pinch of salt

1) Prepare and wash all of the ingredients thoroughly

2) Place into a food processor or blender and pulse until you get the desired consistency. I like it a bit rough as this gives the sauce its extra texture that makes it unique to this recipe

3) In a clean skillet, add in the olive oil and allow to heat for 2 minutes

4) Pour in the tomato paste and allow to simmer on low heat until it is cooked to your desire and this very yummy looking sauce is ready to be poured into jars and stored for use.

What do you think of this sauce? Drop your comments below, and let us know.

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