Prawns in mixed pepper sauce

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Today I am offering a delicious prawn sauce that is bound to tickle your fancy, this dish unearths the richness and versatility of prawns. With the additions of mixed bell peppers, scotch bonnets for some heat, and fragrant spices, this sauce surely will become a staple at your home after trying it out for the first time.

It is no secret that I love prawns, and this is because it is versatile and can easily be made into various dishes. There is so much I can make, just from having a bowl of prawns in my kitchen. It cooks quickly too, thus making it almost always included in my recipes. You can use it for rice dishes, curries and sauces too. It can be fried, grilled and even made into a salad, it can also be added into our Nigerian soups like okra and efo riro (see sample here) or made into prawn soup with other condiments like sweet corn or mushrooms. Whatever you decide to make with prawns, you are sure of a really tasty hearty meal.

A big bowl of garnished basmati rice could never taste better than it does when served with this sauce, the creamy richness of the sauce just makes it right for an amazing family dinner. Follow my recipe below and let me show you how to make this.

Let’s cook!

1) Prawns 1kg
2) Mixed bell peppers (red, yellow, green) 250g
3) Scotch bonnet peppers 3g
4) Onions 1 medium sized bulb
5) Garlic 6 cloves
6) Ginger 2g
7) Corn flour 2 table spoons
8) Olive oil 20mls
9) Seasoning 8g
10) Salt 1g

1) Prepare the ingredients by first washing them thoroughly, then peel the prawns and de-vein.

2) Chop the mixed bell peppers, scotch bonnets and onions

3) Now blend the peeled ginger and garlic with water to make a running paste. This increases the quantity of the sauce

4) In a clean pan, add in the olive oil and allow it heat up for about 1 minute, quickly add in the onions and allow this to sauté for one minute then pour in the ginger and garlic paste and stir, while this heats up for about two minutes

5) Now add in all the chopped peppers and prawns at the same time, I do not like overcooking bell peppers or prawns, so just give this another 3 minutes while you keep turning the prawns on all sides so it cooks through

6) Add in the seasoning and salt

 7) Now make a running corn flour paste with two table spoons of corn flour 

cooks tip: just enough corn flour to thicken the sauce, you do not want it overly thick, just about 2 tablespoons will do

8)Add this into the pan and stir. Lower the heat and allow the sauce to simmer for another two minutes, so that all of the spices are well incorporated and your delicious prawn sauce is ready!

Serve hot with a bowl of garnished white rice or pasta. Have you made a pasta dish lately? How did it taste? Comment below, I will like to know

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