Beetroot salad

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Beetroot seems to be topmost in my condiment list these days, especially since I discovered its amazing nutritional contents, I have been looking for ways to incorporate it into my meals ever since. So taking centre stage today is my beetroot salad that I made using feta cheese and chicken as accompanying condiments, both gives this salad a perfect juxtaposition of sweet and salty

This beet salad is creamy, tasty and very easy to make, it is also a very healthy option for people who are looking to loose a bit of weight. Beetroot is very delicious when eaten raw, even though it is typically cooked in most recipes, I feel its nutritional contents and its amazing colour is best retained when used raw, it has a sweet yet earthy taste, a bit like sweet potatoes and it adds an amazing crunch to this salad. I just love the taste of it!

I made a beetroot juice on the blog recently which I sweetened with pineapples, you can click this link to get that recipe, I also outlined some amazing benefits of consuming beetroot in that post. The juice is another great way to incorporate beets into your family’s menu, you really need to try it out.

Let’s cook!

1) 2 beetroot
2) Lettuce 100g
3) Roasted chicken 100g
4) Feta cheese 100g
5) 1 medium sized onion
6) Cherry tomatoes 20g
7) Olives 10g

1) Prepare the ingredients by washing thoroughly and chopping as required

2) Season the chicken with ginger and garlic paste, olive oil, seasoning and salt, roast in the oven until cooked through, shred this into bits with hands

Cooks tip: I used chicken breast for this salad because it is far fleshier than other chicken parts

3) In a clean salad bowl, add all of the ingredients and serve with any salad dressing of your choice and your beet salad is ready!

Have you ever tried beetroot before? Please comment below I will like to hear

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