Home-made pizza in 6 easy steps

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The summer holiday was quite a long one and even though my kids attended summer coaching for a bit, they were home full time Thursday through Sunday. I had been promising to make them pizza for a while and since my sisters kids were around for the holidays as well, it seemed like the perfect time to make one

This recipe is a hearty meaty delight that is bound to keep your family happy, my kids could not wait for the pizza to come out the oven because they added the toppings on the pizza, they were all so excited and stayed glued to the oven door watching the whole cooking process.

The secret to this delicious meaty pizza is my rich tomato sauce which is the base for whatever topping goes on afterwards, this sauce can also serve as a pasta sauce, it is really delicious. I have the recipe here, you can try it out too.

The upside to making pizza at home is that, you can totally make it your own, in terms of adding any toppings that will delight your family, so feel free to use whatever toppings your family love and watch them gobble it all up. My kids wanted practically everything on this pizza, I ended up making two different pizzas but I kept the toppings as minimal as I could.

Let’s cook!

Ingredients for pizza crust

1) Flour 5 cups

2) Yeast 1 table spoon

3) Baking soda 1 table spoon

4) Pinch of salt

5) 2 table spoons olive oil

1) Mozzarella cheese

2) Tomato sauce

3) Mixed bell peppers (green, red and yellow)

4) Onions

5) Beef

6) Chicken franks

1) Add all the pizza crust ingredients into a bowl and add about two cups of warm water, add this in bits while you kneed until you form a soft yet stretchy dough

2) Roll into a ball, set this into a clean bowl and cover with a cling film, set this aside and allow it to rise and double in size for about 25 minutes.

3) While the dough is rising, season and stir fry your beef until tender and tasty, once this is done

4) Take the pizza dough and cut into 2 or 3 portions, depending on the size of pizza you want to make, spread flour on a flat surface or in the pan you intend to use, roll out the dough, making sure to shape it well

Cooks tip: I made two 14 inch pizzas from this dough
5) Now spread the tomato sauce on first, and the start adding all of the toppings you want before finishing off with the grated mozzarella cheese

6) Pop in a preheated oven at gas mark 220 for 20 minutes and your pizza is ready. I like to use the lower oven burner for 15 minutes and the upper burner for 5 minutes so that the pizza is cooked through.

What special treat did you give your children this summer holidays? I would love to hear!

Be inspired!


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