Simple chia pudding recipe

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Wake up! Rise and shine to my delicious chia pudding recipe, a simple yet amazing breakfast that keeps you full for a long time. I like to see chia seeds, same with most breakfast cereals as a blank slate where I can draw upon as I please, by this, I mean chia seeds are very versatile, I can add in fruits and nuts, spices or any other ingredients that I love, to make it really enjoyable for me.

At first sight, chia seeds have semblance with West African acha seeds (Fonio or digitaria exilis), I actually have an acha pudding recipe as well. However chia seeds (Salvia hispanica) are bigger in size and totally different. Chia is a specie of the mint family lamiaceae that is native to southern Mexico and Guatemala. Chia means´ strength´ in the Mayan language and it is believed that ancient Aztecs and Mayans used this superfood as a source of energy during games or battle.

Chia seeds have a neutral taste and it is very easy to make, this amazing super food can be made into a pudding like I did today; by soaking overnight in water or milk, letting the seeds absorb the liquid to form a gel. it can also be blended into a smoothie with fruits, added to breads, blended and used to thicken sauces or made into energy bars. Just about 100g can feed a family of 4 for breakfast, as it doubles in size when left to gel or soak. Whichever way you decide to have your chia seeds, you need to understand the health benefits associated with it. It is believed to contain more fibre than oats, more calcium than milk, more protein than eggs, more omega 3 fatty acids than salmon! What’s not to love?

Nutritional benefits of Chia seeds
1) The nutritional benefits of chia seeds cannot be overemphasized, as explained in, Chia contains high fibre properties which is a natural blood sugar enhancer, thus aiding the body to balance insulin levels naturally. Goodbye diabetes! The fibre in chia seeds also helps people feel full quickly, as chia tends to increase in quantity even after it has been eaten. This fibre also promotes easy bowel movements making it easy to empty the bowels

2) Chia seeds is loaded with a lot of natural antioxidants that helps prevent aging.

3) Due to the presence of Omega 3 acids, chia seeds regulates cholesterol, lower blood pressure and fights against inflammation, which is a dangerous condition that puts a strain on blood vessels. this means it is a perfect superfood for heart related diseases.

4) Taking chia seeds gives us stronger bones and dental health due to the high amount of calcium it contains, as explained further by Draxe,com, chia also contains Boron which is another important nutrient for bone health, boron helps absorb calcium, manganese and phosphorus, which are all contained in chia seeds for healthy bone growth.

5) It helps boost your energy and metabolism and also helps build muscle. This was the main reason the Aztecs and Mayans consumed chia seeds, it enhances energy thus making you strong and alert for your daily activities.

6) Chia seeds also contains a high amount of proteins, which is good news, if you are trying to lose a bit of weight

These and many more nutritional benefits that I cannot totally outline here right now, are enough reasons to get chia seeds today!

Let’s make pudding!


1) Chia seeds 40g

2) 2 cups coconut milk

3) Honey to sweeten (As desired)

4) Toppings (I used raspberries and pecans)

1) Pour in the coconut milk into the chia seeds,

2) Allow to stand in the fridge and soak overnight until tender and forms a gel like coating around the seeds, making them look like the jelly-like glycoprotein on frogs’ eggs. Isn’t this amazing?

3) What you will find the next morning is more than double the amount of chia you soaked. Add in more milk if necessary and mix well to remove all the clumps

4) Add in any spices like cinnamon or ginger, I totally left spices out, that will be a recipe for another day, but I sweetened with honey and I topped with pecans and raspberries for more texture!

5) And the chia pudding is ready for consumption!

Cookstip: remember, chia seeds has the tendency to soak up moisture 10 times its quantity, it doubles in size really quickly, this means that little quantity of chia can serve a large family. If you find you need more milk, please add more.

If you are an early riser who has to wake up really early to get to work, no more excuses for skipping breakfast, try chia seeds today for you and your family, just soak over night in the fridge and by morning, a delicious pudding! no cooking required.

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