Watermelon,cucumber and mint juice

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On the spotlight today is my homemade water melon juice that I have infused cucumber and mint leaves in. I really don’t understand the weather in Nigeria right now, I mean, it is supposed to be the rainy season, yet it gets really hot for days on end. This makes me reach out for cold drinks and you trust that it will be something delicious and refreshing. With that, watermelon comes to mind because watermelon is a fruit that my kids reach out for without been coerced. They love watermelon a lot and it worked really well in this juice recipe.

Watermelon is a power packed fruit that is native to southern Africa, I call it power packed because it is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Magnesium, fibre, potassium, niacin, carotenoids, niacin and so much more. These vitamins and minerals, combined, helps prevent diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction. Watermelon also contains nutrients which aids proper functioning of the internal organs, eyes and excretion system.

The amazing thing about watermelon is that it contains about 95% water and 5% fibre, according to my daughter, watermelons are already juiced up! You do not need water to make this juice because you will get enough from the watermelon. This fact makes it the go to fruit source for combating heatstroke.

 As stated by organicfacts.net, the high amount of water contained in watermelon, stimulates a release of excess liquid in the form of sweat, which can help keep you refreshed during hot weather thus preventing heat stroke! Trust me there is nothing more refreshing than a chilled glass of watermelon juice, You can never get it wrong with making it for your family, aside the fact that this juice keeps you cool and refreshed, you would have topped up on a lot of vitamins and minerals, you really need to try it at home

Let’s make juice

1) 1 large watermelon
2) 1cucumber
3) 7mint leaves

1) Peel the water melons and take out all the seeds. Make sure to peel in a clean bowl or tray just so that you can retain the juices from the watermelon as you will need it to blend the watermelon, cut this into to chunks that will fit in your smoothie maker or blender

Cooks Tip: Make sure to pick very ripe watermelons to ensure naturally sweet tasting juice, as I have not added any sugar in this recipe. Also a ripened watermelon contains more carotenoids which aids the prevention of high blood pressure.

2) Peel the cucumber, and retain only the white part. I did this because I wanted to keep true to the natural redness of the watermelon as well as reduce any bitterness because this juice is totally sugar free.now cut into chunks as well

3) Pick out 7 mint leaves from the sprig. You don’t want to add too much into the juice but just enough for that added minty feel

4) Add in the watermelon juice that must have deposited in the tray. Then blend until smooth

5) Sieve the juice and retain the pulp (I ate the pulp). From this really big watermelon, this was all the pulp that was left, it just goes to prove that watermelon is indeed 95% water and 5% fibre

6) Serve cold.

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