Delicious cinnamon rolls

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On the menu today is my deliciously frosted cinnamon rolls. I actually made these rolls on Christmas morning for my family, I however never had the time to post the recipe on here because of how busy I was.

Christmas mornings while I was growing up, was always super busy for my mum and sisters. After my dad was done slaughtering the goat/chicken, they would get busy cleaning, cutting and preparing various dishes is readiness for the numerous guests that would troop in our house. It was always a fun time and I looked forward to it. I remember, though, that I and my other siblings would be hungry for long periods, as long as it took my mum to get any of the dishes ready. Boy! It was always such a tiresome wait! Just too long for my young rumbling tummy. Sorry mother! You will always be the best mum in the world.

So I spent Christmas one time at my brother’s house in London, and then I woke up to a delicious cinnamonny aroma of freshly baked goods! My eyes were not fully opened, but my nose was at work and in my mind, I was wondering where the aroma was coming from! Am always, always curious about food and I could not keep my eyes shut for long, so I darted into the kitchen and behold these amazing cinnamon rolls that my brother’s wife made. She casually called it a quick breakfast but I opined differently. I saw it as a solution to an endless wait for breakfast, an end to always been hungry on Christmas mornings! It was hot and fresh and didn’t have any stews or gravies in it, to be honest, it increased my cravings for Christmas lunch altogether.

I don’t know if it’s the cultural difference, but we spend so much time here in Nigeria preparing big lunches or dinners for our family and friends and forget totally about breakfast for ourselves and our immediate family before the guests arrive.

My sister in law didn’t end at cinnamon rolls, she also made Egg nog, which is another amazing cinnamon infused milk drink that I will be sampling on here at a later date. For now! You need to try this cinnamon rolls recipe, even if Christmas is over, you can bake them during the weekends for your family or any other time of your choosing. The upside to these breakfast rolls is that, you can actually prepare the dough overnight, so first thing in the morning, you roll them out and pop then in the oven. They bake quickly and are delicious!

Let’s bake


1) Milk 4 cups or 500ml

2) Flour 1kg

3) Butter 200g

4) ½ cup granulated sugar

5) Yeast 20g

6) Baking soda 1 tea spoon

7) Baking powder 1 tea spoon full

8) Cinnamon (as desired)

1) In a clean pan, add in the milk and sugar and allow to heat until almost boiling the turn off the heat

2) Quickly melt all of the butter in a clean skillet and pour into the milk, allow this to sit for 40 minutes or until lukewarm

3) Add in the yeast into this mixture and give it a minute or until you begin to see tiny bubbles from the reaction

4) Now add in part of the flour, about 7 cups and set the rest aside for later

5) Stir this mixture together, cover with a cling film and allow to sit for another 50 minutes to 1hour, by the time you get back, the dough would have doubled in size

6) Now add more flour into the dough, because it will still be too soft to handle. Add in about a cup and half.

7) Add in a table spoon of baking soda and a table spoon of baking powder, mix well with your hands this time and the dough is ready
Cookstip: you can prep the dough overnight and pop in the fridge until you need it in the morning. That’s what my sister in-law did, that’s why she got breakfast ready at about 5am! It seemed effortless that morning because she had done all the work at night.

8) Pour floor on a wooden board surface or clean worktop surface that you have, take one part of the dough and roll it out with a rolling pin into a rough rectangle. It doesn’t have to be a perfect rectangle as long as you spread the dough just right

9) Now pour melted butter all over the dough, am sure you will have some left in the skillet, if you do not, melt about 50g more butter

10) Now sprinkle about 5 table spoons of sugar all over the dough followed by the ground cinnamon

Cookstip: note here that I didn’t give measurements for the cinnamon, if you want yours heavily spiced, please add a lot of cinnamon but if you are like me who likes only a fair amount of cinnamon in my rolls, go easy on it.

11) Now gently roll the dough, making sure the butter and cinnamon stays neatly locked in, cut into same sizes

12) Grease you baking dish with some of the melted butter, add in rolls in and give it a minute or two to sit while you make the other rolls. Once you are done pop them in the oven and bake at 180 degrees for 15 minutes or until golden brown!

13) You can have yours plain with tea like I did, it is also delicious with frosting! So here is the quick frosting I made

1) Milk 1 cup

2) Icing sugar half a bag

3) Melted butter 100g


Add all three into a bowl, mix well until smooth and spread all over the hot cinnamon rolls. your family will love this!

So what do you think of these rolls? drop your comments below in the comments box

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