Ultimate Potato Salad Recipe in 4 steps!

By 1/26/2017 ,

Hello everyone, I am truly sorry that I have been absent for a bit, I have been up and about with work to ensure I bring you new and exciting recipes on Mariellasmenu, but of course as always, I had you on my mind throughout this time.

Today I will be making an easy salad that will blow your taste buds. Salads are usually very simple, easy to make and light, leaving you feeling empty in your stomach even after having several mouth fulls, however the potatoes in this recipe keeps you full for a long time that’s why I also serve this as a main with meats or fish. The upside to this salad is that; if you are looking to lose a bit of weight, this can serve as a delicious main dish without hindering your weight loss process.

I love this potato salad because; it gives me a break from the everyday lettuce and cabbage, also because, it is delicious and fresh and a perfect accompaniment with deliciously grilled meats or fish, especially when it is served cold! I actually have a recipe on the blog where I served this salad with grilled fish (click here to get it), I however wanted to center the spotlight on this amazing salad today

You can serve this as a side dish at Christmas or any other festivity, lunch or dinner parties, and even picnics.it surely will leave your guests pondering on the ingredients therein. this surely is a must try at home. I cut the vegetables into fun shapes so my kids will dig in and dig in they did! I think this salad is scrumptious, fresh and in my daughter words, simply amazing!

Let’s cook!

1) Potato

2) Cucumber

3) Carrot

4) Spring onions

5) Cream

1) Prepare all the vegetables by washing them thoroughly

2) Neatly peel the potatoes and chop them into cubes, add this into a clean pot and add in just enough water to cover the potatoes. Allow to simmer for 5 minutes only, you do not want overly cooked potatoes for this recipe else it turns out soggy

3) Once cooked, drain and set aside to cool then pour this into a salad bowl

Cooks tip: There is something about cucumber that makes it so refreshing! It serves well with almost everything, meat, fish, salads, stir fries, drinks, just name it. Anything you make with this vegetable always turns out right. Am not even talking about the essential vitamins that is derived from it yet, that alone, can never be overemphasized.

4) Add in the chopped cucumbers, carrots and spring onions, add the cream at the end, mix well and serve  alone or with any grilled meats or fish of your choice. Easy peasy!

 Try it now and let me know what you think by commenting on the space below.
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  1. defnately trying this salad. please how do I get my carrots to look like the one you used.

  2. Please do try it, you will love the crunchy freshness of it! i used a fun shape cutter for the carrots, am sure you can get that to buy in any store around you/ thanks a lot