Nigerian Assorted Pepper Soup

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One of the many ways to celebrate Christmas is to treat family and friends to wonderful gifts, why not let your gifts to them this Christmas be a wonderfully delicious meal? I love, love entertaining! For me there is this innermost joy and satisfaction I derive from the smiles that spreads across everyone’s faces while they eat my food. So as always, I am having a small party this Christmas!!!

For me, my Christmas party menu always, always has to have a starter. I call it a party pleaser, something to awaken taste buds and set everyone in the mood to be ravenous. Last year, I made fresh fish pepper soup, you can click here to get the recipe. Cooking fish pepper soup is a lot different than this one, so you might want to check that out.

A starter for me has to be simple, easy to make and with a few ingredients but delicious and have enough chilies for that awesome kick. I guess that’s why I keep settling for soups and I have so many of them in my coffers. It is usually a bit chilly in Nigeria during Christmas, even though there’s no sign of it ever getting chilly this year (The heat is in fact killing) Let this delicious assorted pepper soup still be on your party menu, I mean if you have all of the goat's offal, what would you possibly do with it if not recreate this amazing pepper soup!

The upside is that this recipe is really quick, it is no secret that i love quick and easy recipes, you should be done and dusted in 35 minutes or less. All that this recipe needs is enough time to tenderise the offals. Trust me though, everyone will want a serving

Lets cook!

1) Goat's offals 1kg

2) Crayfish 30g

3) Pepper soup spice mix 40g (I make mine myself)

4) Dry chillies 30g or (use as desired)

5) 4scotch bonnets (atatrodo)

6) Seasoning 10g

7) Sprigs of mint leaves (scent leaf)

8) garlic and onion paste

9) salt 2g

1) Wash and prepare all the ingredients

2) In a clean pot, add the goat’s offal. I usually add a few goat meat along, just to add more depth of flavor

3) Now add the garlic and onion paste, all of the seasoning and salt, then stir and allow to parboil for 5  minutes. Mix this well so that the spices are well infused into the meat.

4) Add 3 cups of water or just enough water to cook the meat and still leave some for the soup

Cooks tip: every meat releases its own juices, its best to parboil the meat first without water, that way you can gauge how much more to add in.

5) At this point, add in the crayfish, dried chilies and pepper soup spices. This adds an amazing aromatic note to the soup. Leave this to simmer for another 25 minutes

6) Now add the crowning glory of chopped scotch bonnets and mint leaves. Give it a minute and set it down. Your glorious pot of delicious goodness is ready to go!

The fresh scotch bonnets serves as garnish, taste and aroma enhancer. I love the way it improves the aroma of the pepper soup.

 How do you intend to spend Christmas this year? i would really love to know your plans. comment below.

Be inspired!


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