Mariellasmenu Is OneYear Old!

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Hurray!!! Mariellasmenu is one year old today; Congratulations are of course in place to Mariellasmenu , it however still is surreal to me. When I first started, I knew the direction I wanted the blog to go, I however had no idea if anyone would subscribe to the blog, read any of my posts, comment on the post or even follow me on social media, but to God be the glory all of these thoughts are in the past!

I want to first take out my time to say a big thank you to God, he is the Alpha and Omega, the God of all possibilities, he never lets me down and I give him all the glory and praise. I also want to thank my family for their endless support from inception up until now and to specially thank you for all your support this past one year. For subscribing and reading my posts, for all your follows on social media, for your kind comments and feedback which are such tremendous motivations in themselves. All your comments and feedback motivated and kept me going and they are much appreciated. You are indeed very special. I believe with God and your kind support, the sky is the starting point for Mariellasmenu.

My plan this coming year is to grow the blog and keep sharing my recipes and the stories behind them; I also plan to officially launch Mariellasmenu kitchen where all of our pre-ordered meals will be made from to be delivered to our loyal customers. Work on Mariellas farms has begun in earnest where plans are in place for different sorts of animal husbandry and fresh farm produce, so our Mariellas kitchen customers are certain that all their orders from Mariellas kitchen will be fresh, healthy and of top notch quality. It is also my hope to begin my ‘up and about’ posts where I get to visit local markets, showcasing what is obtainable and their current prices. I know how much women are up for discovering new markets so they can compare prices. These are also places where I sauce my ingredients from so I hope you will stay glued!

Since Mariellasmenu is one year today! What better way to show my thanks and appreciation than to share my first baked good recipe with you. This is my coconut cupcake recipe, it’s very easy to make and am sure your family will love them as weekend treats

Let’s bake!


1) Flour 250g

2) Butter 400g

3) Sugar 250g

4) 6 medium sized eggs or 4 large ones

5) 150g Unsweetened desiccated coconut

6) 10g sweetened desiccated coconut (for the topping)

7) Powdered milk 50g

8) ½ teaspoon baking powder

9) 2 tablespoons vanilla extract

10) 2 tablespoons coconut essence

11) 1 table spoon butterscotch essence

1) Add in the sugar and butter into a clean bowl and cream on high speed for 6 minutes or until very light and fluffy.

Cooks tip: I used speed 4 on my mixer. If you do not have a hand mixer, you can use a wooden spatula to cream for double the amount of time, this can however be very tasking

2) Crack the eggs into a bowl and whisk well. With the mixer on low speed, preferably speed 2, pour the eggs into the bowl and continue mixing

3) Now add in the vanilla extract, coconut and butterscotch essence

Cooks tip: I prefer cracking my eggs in a separate bowl first to avoid adding in any bad eggs to my cake batter. You should adopt this method as well

4) In a dry bowl, mix the flour, baking powder and powdered milk together and pour all of it into the batter, continue mixing on low speed. That’s my daughter’s very beautiful hands by the way! She’s my little helper

5) Add in the unsweetened desiccated coconut into this mix and fold in gently

Cooks tip: Try not to over mix it, you do not need the hand mixer anymore at this point, use a wooden spatula instead.

6) Line a cupcake pan with cupcake liners, if you do not have cupcake liners, grease your cupcake pan and dust lightly with flour to avoid the cakes getting stuck to the pan once baked. This measurement made 10 large cupcakes. You can adjust yours to suit your family size.

7) Fill each cup with enough cake batter, pop this in the oven for 35-40 minutes on gas mark 140 or until the tops are golden brown and a toothpick comes out clean from the cakes

8) Allow to cool for about 8 minutes, then remove the cupcakes from the pan unto a cooling rack or flat plate as he case may be, allow a few more minutes to cool totally before icing

 9) I made a very simple icing to go with the cupcakes because I wanted to top it up with sweetened desiccated coconuts

10) So I used Butter 6g, Icing sugar 20g, I teaspoon vanilla extract, 1 teaspoon coconut essence, 1 teaspoon powdered milk, mix this together until fluffy, then pipe unto the cupcakes and sprinkle the sweetened desiccated coconuts as toppings!

You don’t have cupcake pans? That’s just fine. This recipe can go into a normal cake mold. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Be Inspired!


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