How to Make Tiger nut milk (Kunun Aya)

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The harmattan season is upon us again; bringing with it, very dry dusty winds and fluctuations in the atmospheric temperature, which naturally makes us thirsty all the time. Tiger nut milk drink (Kunu'n Aya) is just perfect for the weather. This creamy milk drink is extracted from Tiger nuts (Aya, ofio, aki hausa). The addition of dates (dabinu) and coconut to the drink, gives it an amazingly rich creaminess and a honey like soothing effect to your throat that will make you say wow!

 I actually tried this drink for the first time at a friend’s house in Zaria, I wanted to satisfy my naughty curiosity. Although I felt nothing at all at that point, (the aphrodisiac tale) I however got stuck on the Tiger nut milk (Kunu'n Aya) due to its honey tasting creaminess.

Tiger nut also known as Aya in hausa, ofio in Yoruba and Aki hausa in igbo, comes in fresh or dried forms, it is believed to be a natural, traditional sexual stimulant (aphrodisiac) and also a natural cure for erectile dysfunction. It is a natural source of vitamin C and vitamin E, which makes this drink really good for your skin. it is rich in fiber which means it aids digestion and it also serves as a booster for breastfeeding mothers.

Tiger nut milk (Kunu'n Aya) is traditionally made in the North with tiger nuts, dates, coconut and the addition of ginger to spice it up. I have left out ginger for my recipe today because I wanted an entirely different taste to it. I have tried adding strawberries to mine at one time and it still tasted grand! But there is no substitute for the original milk. It is fresh, delicious, easy to make and will keep you full for a long time! What’s not to love?

Let’s make milk!


1) Tiger nut 2 cups or 400g

2) Dates 1 cup or 150g

3) 2 small coconuts

4) Ginger 3g (Optional)

1) Wash all the ingredients thoroughly, especially if you are using fresh tiger nuts, you don’t want your drink with sand in it.

Cooks tip: I always use large measurements on this blog because; I preach family togetherness. I assume that in making any of my recipes, it is for your family and friends, hence the large measurements. Feel free to go smaller so as to avoid wastage if you are trying it alone.

2) Soak the dates for a few hours, I soaked mine for 3 hours or until really tender, you will find the water has turned brown, set it aside

3) Add all of the ingredients into a blender, I used my smoothie maker just to get a really smooth blend. If you don’t have any of this, you can blend at the millers. Once blended, you will notice it looks like frothy brew. This is what you want to achieve

4) Sieve this properly, I sieved mine thrice until there was no more residue.
 There you have it, your Tiger nut milk is ready! Serve cold and refrigerate any left overs, it ferments very quickly overnight.

Do not forget to drop your comments below, let us know what you think when you try it out!

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  1. Please what is the common name for dates in nigeria

  2. The common name for dates in Nigeria is Dabinu, That's what it is called in the North,Mallams hawk it around,especially on fridays. you can also get the well packaged ones in big stores. hope this helps

  3. Hi Mira, thanks for sharing, I need to know how I can preserve mine...I bottle and supply for sale

    1. I am so sorry dear perculiar, I don't use preservatives in mine, i make quantities my family can finish in a day or two nothing more because tigernut milk coagulates quickly without proper freezing