Veggie Stir-Fried Rice

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On the menu today is the delicious veggie stir-fried rice, an amazing one pot rice dish that will make your family hurry on to the table.The beauty of a rice dish lies in its versatility, you can take this staple and turn it into many different dishes, that is,you can totally own a rice dish by adding in or taking out condiments that you agree with and It will still be grand!

This recipe is a vegetable based one, However, I have added chunky chicken sausage cuts in it as can add other condiments or take out, it totally depends on you. The whole idea is to get your family to the lunch table, so find foods and vegetables that work best for them.

If you have got kids, it will help to cut the veggies into fun shapes. Children are very visual and picky with their food, if they find it colorful and interesting, they get drawn to that dish. Just play around with your food in terms of color and watch the taste change too. As you already the know, the more colors you have got in you food, the more nutrients therein. For my rice stir fries, there always has to be green bell peppers and garlic in it. These two condiments have an amazing way of making the rice dish fragrant, as well as taste good.

You can serve this with any meat assortments of your choosing, I served mine without any meats as there's enough chunky sausage cuts in it.I actually have a similar recipe to this one, that I made earlier on the blog, you can get that straight by clicking this link

Let's cook!

1)Basmati rice 400g
2) carrots 20g
3) Sweet corn 20g
4) Green bell peppers 10g
5) 2 whole Scotch bonnets ( for some heat!)
6) Spring onions a small bunch
7) Green peas 20g
8) Green beans 5g
9) Garlic 1/4 of a bulb
10) 5 Sausages
11) Olive oil 1/4 of a cup
12) Seasoning 8g
13) Salt

1) Prepare all the ingredients first by washing and chopping appropriately

2) Add in the basmati rice into a large clean pot, with about 4 cups of water, allow this to parboil for 4 minutes and nothing more, drain this in a sieve or colander and set aside

Cooks tip: basmati rice tends to cook quickly so it's best to watch it intently during the parboiling stage, just so you do not  over cook it and spoil the dish all together

3) Now in a clean wok or pan as the case maybe, add in the olive oil about 1/4 of a cup.

Cooks tip: I have used this much olive oil because, I did not make use of any stock in this dish and this might give a dry outcome and you really don't want that.

4) Now allow this to heat for two minutes, then add in the sliced onions and roughly grated garlic, stir fry this for a minute or until the fragrance from the garlic has began to waft through the the kitchen!

5) Add in the sausage chunks; allow to fry for a minute, add in the green peppers and carrots, peas and green beans then continue stir frying for another minute

6) Now add in the basmati rice, mix this well and keep stir frying, then add in the sweet corn mix

 7)then finally add in the seasoning and salt, stir well and your awesome one pot wonder is ready to be enjoyed by your family. this dish all together takes less that 15 minutes to get onto the table which makes it really amazing. It is a must try I tell you.

What plans have you got for lunch today? comment below and let us know.

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