Nigerian Afang Soup Recipe

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On our delicious menu today is the mouth-watering Afang soup, a deliciously rich vegetable soup, a special delicacy that is indigenous to the Efiks and Ibibios in the south-eastern parts of Nigeria. This dish is served as one of their most important delicacies during important occasions and to be honest with you, the reason is not farfetched looking at the condiments of the soup. Once you have had a taste of it yourself you will understand it clearly too

The soup is made originally with a mixture of Afang leaves or Ukazi as it is called by the Ibos and water leaves. Not forgetting an assortment of meats, fish, periwinkles and nails. There is really no limitation to what can go into this soup. As long as you have got the right vegetables, the distinctive taste of this special dish will always come out perfect. Now that’s what a recipe should be like, you should be able to totally make it your own in a way that will be pleasing to your palates.

Afang leaves (Ukazi) is very hard in its texture, so it requires milling at the local markets or alternatively you can take it home and after a proper wash, soak for a bit and blend roughly. That is why water leaves is needed as an accompanying vegetable due to its soft and water filled texture. When I go shopping for Afang soup ingredients, I go straight to my Efik customer in the market. She knows how I love perfection in my dishes, so she gives me the best of everything. The upside is that I also leave with a lot of tips!

Enough talk. Let’s cook!

1) Afang leaves (Ukazi) 500g

2) Water leaves 4 bunches

3) Beef 300g

4) Tripe (Shaki) 100g

5) Stock fish 200g

6) Snails 100g

7) Smoked fish 100g

8) Periwinkles 100g

9) Roughly blended crayfish100g

10) Scotch bonnets (Atarodo) my recipes are never complete without these. I love spicy food!

11) Palm oil ½ a cup

12) 1 Large onion bulb

13) Seasoning 12g

14) Salt 2g

1) Neatly wash and prepare all the ingredients and set them aside

2) In a very clean pot, add in the meat assortments, stock fish, sliced onions, all of the seasoning and salt, a bit of dry blended yellow pepper (Cameroon pepper) about 7grams.

3) Stir well and allow to simmer for 3 minutes just to lock in all of the seasoning into the meats, then add in two cups of water. And allow to parboil for 15 minutes or until the meats are tender enough

Cooks tip: The blended Cameroon pepper is totally optional, for one, I love spicy food, I also love the earthy flavor this spice adds to the dish

 4) Now add in the smoked fish and allow to simmer for another 3 minutes or until the smoked fish softens but not too soft that it scatters in the preparation process, it is nice to have bite size chunks of fish all over the soup

5) Once the meats are parboiled and there is enough stock in the pot to get the Afang soup in motion, add in the freshly ground scotch bonnet peppers (Atarodo), followed closely by the palm oil, stir this well and give it 2 minutes to simmer

6) Now add in the blended crayfish, stir well and add in the washed periwinkles. I did not shell my periwinkles at all. Now this is Afang soup, Efik style! There’s something deeply traditional in having to suck the periwinkles out of its shells, it makes eating this dish such a delight!

7) Now it is time for the water leaves to go in the pot, add this in and stir well, give it 1 minute to simmer, just so that it wilts well and adds a bit more moisture to the pot
Cooks tip: The pot of soup at the point of adding the water leaves, will appear watery but that is just the consistency you want, once you add the Afang leaves, it mops up all of the moisture in the pot, leaving a rich and delicious dish

8) Add in the Afang leaves and stir well. I have some fresh snails that I washed earlier, I am just going to add them in the pot at this point, stir the soup once more and give it 3 minutes to simmer and your delicious pot of Afang soup is ready! Serve hot with any swallow of your choice and thank me later

What soup will be going on your table for lunch today? Comment below and let us know.

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