Liberian Potato Greens

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Wondering why I have been putting out potato recipes of late? Well, that fact is not lost on me, I am just actually excited to let the world know how versatile this crop is! I mean, aside the potato itself, the leaves are also edible and delicious! Surprised right? I was too! I was shocked to my wits when I actually had a helping of the potato greens, the sweet and delicate flavour of this amazing vegetable sat on my taste bud memory forever.

Potato greens is eaten mainly in Asian and African countries however, the potato greens recipe I have put out today is a Liberian delicacy. Aside from being very delicious, the sweet potato greens provides a lot of health benefits. shows that potato greens are a good source of protein, Niacin, calcium, iron. An excellent source of dietary fibre, Vitamin A, C, B6, riboflavin, folate and so on. What’s more, potato greens can be made into a salad, steamed and eaten with grilled salmon, chopped and added into an omelette or even blended into a green smoothie with a couple of other delicious and healthy fruits

I came across this recipe having being in contact with a Liberian Immigrant who came into Nigeria during the Liberian civil war. Although Liberians are very Americanized in their thought process and style, they have a rich African culture that they are very proud of, which is evident in most of their dishes that I have tasted. One central point to note is that their main staple is rice! Even though they have many other delicacies that I will be sampling on here at a later date, this mouth-watering potato greens is without rivalry, the most sought after delicacy for Liberians

Let’s cook

1) Fresh potato leaves 800g

2) Fresh mint ( Efirin scent leaves)70g or a handful

3) Smoked fish

4) Meat assortments

5) Palm oil 40ml

6) 1 large onion

7) Scotch bonnet and red bell pepper blend 50g

8) Seasoning 8g

9) Salt 2g

1) Prepare the Ingredients by washing, chopping and blending accordingly

2) In a clean pot, add the meats, sliced onions, all of the seasoning and salt, then parboil for 5 minutes. when the meats are soft and tender, add in the smoked fish, allow another 3 minutes and set this aside. I do this so my fish does not totally disappear in the sauce, I like to have nice bite sizes in my sauce pot

Cooks tip: The process for making this dish is the same with the Efo- riro recipe I had made earlier on the blog, you can click her to get it . The difference is with the use of potato greens and mint leaves and I did not blanch the greens.

3) In a clean pan, add in the palm oil and allow to heat for two minutes, add in the rest of the chopped onions, allow this to fry for a bit, before adding in the pepper blend. Fry this for about 4 minutes or until well fried.

4) Add in the parboiled meats and stir well, You can fry your meat if you desire.

5) quickly add in the potato greens, give it a minutes to simmer, then add in the fresh mints (Efirin) give it  another 5 minutes to simmer slowly and it is ready!

Cooks tip: potato greens are not in any way tender, for it to cook fast you will have to slice them thinly and to allow at least 3 minutes cook time or more.

I see this as a really good substitute for the spinach Efo, and it serves perfectly with rice or swallow which would you prefer? please comment below

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  1. This food is rich and very affordable especially now that tomatoes is expensive in Nigeria it can serve as stew for and even soup for semo. can I use any kind of potatoe leaves?

  2. I have not tried the Irish potato greens yet, but recipes are born out of trying out new things, do not restrict yourself, you can try any sort of potato greens, then a new recipe will be born!