Chicken and Potato Gravy

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Have you got any plans for supper? If not, you need to try my delicious chicken and potato gravy. A very simple yet deeply flavored gravy that makes a wonderful supper dish. Incorporating rich aromatic spices and slowly simmered in a thick sauce to keep you warm in the evening this rainy season!

This gravy is deliciously light and pleasing to the palates, the addition of the scotch bonnet peppers makes it perfect for this weather. The really Fun thing about this dish is that is it lean and healthy and it can be served as a main dish or as a sauce! Just chop the potatoes into smaller bits, rather than the chunks I have cut them in this recipe, serve with any staple like fettuccine and it will just be grand!

So my dears, you are in fact getting two for the price of one. You seriously have to try this at home.

Let’s cook!


1) Chicken 1kg

2) Potato 400g

3) Carrot 200g

4) Peas 50g

5) Flour 5g

6) Scotch bonnets 5g

7) A whole bulb of garlic

8) 1 large onions

9) Olive oil 5ml

10) Seasoning 10g

11) Salt 2g

1) Prepare all the ingredients by washing thoroughly and chopping them into desires bite sizes

2) Add the flour into the chicken and mix well until well coated

3) Add the seasoning and salt into this coated chicken and mix well

Cooks tip: The flour forms the base for the gravy, so it is better to season it well before stir frying

4) Pour the olive oil into a clean pan and allow to heat for two minutes, then quickly add in the grated garlic and chopped onions, stir fry for two minutes or until it is beginning to brown

5) Quickly add the seasoned, flour coated chicken into the pan and stir fry along with the garlic and onions. Keep stir frying until the chicken has changed from its pinkish hue into an off white.

Cooks tip: Garlic is one of the most perfect spices for chicken, it brings out the best in all chicken dishes. you really want the garlic to mix well with the chicken. stir fry for up to three minutes so that the garlic is deeply infused into the chicken. The resultant dish is something else altogether!

6) Add in the scotch bonnets at this point for some heat!

7) Add the carrots and stir fry for one minute

8) Pour in three cups of water into the pan, stir, then quickly add in the potato chunks into the dish. Give it another 6 minutes

As it simmers slowly, the gravy will start to thicken, it is now entirely up to you to control the consistency. If you want it really thick? Leave it on for a bit longer; if not, 6 minutes is just right. if you have decided to go the sauce route? Serve piping hot with basmati rice or fettuccine pasta and you are good to go. Enjoy!

How best do you think you would enjoy this dish? comment below. Mariellasmenu is on,, Instagram:@mariellasmenu and google plus. follow us everywhere!

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  1. After I tried potatoe gravy, I realized that I have just added one delicious and interesting dish to my family menu. very easy and fast to cook especially for heavy breakfast and dinner. my daughter loves it soo much.

    1. I am so glad your family likes it, its really nice of you to try this recipe, thanks for commenting