Oiless Seafood Okra

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Okra soup is a very popular Nigerian delicacy that has many variations depending on the various regions in Nigeria which it is made. I have realized that no matter what you add into an Okra dish, it will always come out delicious; due to the natural sweetness of this power vegetable. I have so many variations of this dish in my coffers and I realized that there is no laid down principles to making an okra dish, it actually is about experimenting to get a desired recipe.

 I have a delicious okra dish that I have made earlier on the blog which is a must try! click here to get it http://goo.gl/Uh2toJ. However this oiless seafood okra is just another amazing variation that will keep everyone happy. Are you a seafood fan? Or just tired of oily food? Then this recipe is for you. It is a really easy and quick recipe and because seafood cooks really quickly, you can have this recipe done and dusted in about 10 minutes! Did I hear you say perfect?

Lets cook!


1) Okra 500g

2) Seafood assortments (fresh fish, crabs, prawns) 300g

3) Scotch bonnets

4) Yellow habanero peppers

5) Crayfish 30g

6) 1 small bulb onion

7) Shaki (tripe) 50g

8) Oziza leaves

9) Seasoning 10g

10) Salt 2g


1) Prepare all the ingredients first by washing thoroughly with water

2) Add the shaki ( tripe) into the clean pot with two cups of water, sliced onions and seasoning and salt, cover the pot and allow this to simmer for 5 minutes, when this is tender, add in the seafood assortments and one more cup of water, leaving out the fresh fish. Allow this to simmer for 2 minutes or until you find the prawns and crabs turning an orange hue

Cooks tip: you don’t want to add in the fish at this point so it does not scatter before the soup is ready. You want your fish whole in your soup so leave this out. Unless you intentionally want the fish scattered all over the soup. That’s another variation!
3) Blend the peppers with the crayfish and pour this into the pot and allow to simmer for 1 minute.

Cooks tip: I naturally love spicy food, however, seafood assortments actually taste very good when it is oiless and spicy, that way, it gives the okra dish a pepper soup vibe when you eat it. The yellow habanero peppers also sets that distinctive Nigerian flavour in motion which will be further enhanced by the addition of the oziza leaves at the end

4) Add in the fresh fish and oziza leaves at the same time and allow to simmer another 1 minute so that the oziza leaves infuses greatly into the soup

5) Once this is done, add in the fresh okra, you can chop it or grate it, it is totally up to you. stir gently and give it a minute and a half to simmer and your delicious oiless seafood okra is ready! Serve hot with any swallow of your choice.

Do you have a special way you make your okra? Drop your comments below and let us know.

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