Easy Cinnamon Puffies!

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On the menu today is a very popular Nigerian street snack, Puff-puff (puffies) which was made originally with basically three ingredients (flour, fast rising yeast and sugar). A very quick yet delicious snack that has every Nigerian reaching out for a piece at the first sight of it! It is also a perfect breakfast option when served with hot chocolate.

Today I shall be making puffies with the addition of ground dried cinnamon, I love the flavour and aroma that the cinnamon infuses into the puffies, trust me you will want one. What I love about puff-puff is that you can totally make the recipe your own by adding any other ingredient of your choosing. From sliced onions, chopped scotch bonnets to even sliced fruits and vegetables, once the three main ingredients are present your puffies will always be grand!

Let’s cook!


1) Plain flour 400g

2) Fast rising yeast 21/2 teaspoons

3) Sugar 150g

4) Ground cinnamon 3teaspoons

5) Oil for frying

1) Add all the dried ingredients ( flour, sugar, fast rising yeast, ground cinnamon) into a clean bowl and mix well together

2) Add in warm water in small quantities and mix well by hand until you get a smooth consistency

Cooks tip: The warm water makes the batter rise faster. Make sure the batter is not too watery to flow from a spoon or else your puffies will come out in form of fried pancakes and you don’t want that

3) Cover the bowl with a cling film, making sure it is air tight by pressing all the edges tightly together. Allow this to sit in a warm corner of the kitchen for 45 minutes and nothing more

4) Take the film off, the batter would have doubled the size b this time with noticeable air bubbles. Then it is ready to fry!

5) Pour oil in a deep fryer and allow to heat up, I usually use my wok for this purpose

Cooks tip: it is important that the oil is at least 3 inches deep, so that the puff-puff will become spherical and rise to the top of the oil when the batter is scooped into it. And if the oil is not hot enough, the scooped batter will remain at the bottom of the fryer.

6) Once the oil is hot enough, start scooping the puff-puff batter into the oil and to make it spherical, you have to scoop it and press it out through your thumb and index finger, like I have done in the
picture. This is what forms the roundish shapes of the puffies

7) Once side is browned, turn the other side, to make sure the puff-puff fries evenly. Once browned take them out into a sieve lined with paper towels. This helps mop up any excess oil on the puff-puff. And your delicious breakfast/snack is ready!

I love serving puff-puff with my grilled chicken in green pepper sauce and a cold glass of orange juice, how do you serve yours? Drop your comments below!

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