Blueberry Smoothie Bowl

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Wake up! Rise and shine to this delicious breakfast smoothie, Smoothies are my most favorite ways to start the day. Breakfast these days has transcended the heavy meals that people associate with it, like rice or toast and tea, it is my belief that if you must have rice at all for breakfast then make it into a pudding!

Most times people tend to skip breakfast due to their busy work schedule or from the belief that eating breakfast will make them add weight. This is an ill belief, as breakfast is in fact! The most important meal of the day. Stay glued to our breakfast posts as we are sure to bring you varieties of breakfast ideas.

On the menu today is a delicious blueberry-pineapple and banana smoothie. It is packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants, it is low in fat, loaded with fibre and sure to keep you full for longer, so you don’t have to snack on unhealthy bites before lunch time. It is very quick too and requires minimal effort. The good thing with smoothies is that you can make them with your own favorite fruit combinations.
Lets get started


1) Blueberries 20g

2) 1 banana

3) Pineapples 7g

4) Water 3 ¼ of a cup ( I use the juice from the pineapples)


1) Wash the fruits and chop them if necessary, I chopped the pineapples and bananas and left the blueberries whole because they fit perfectly into the smoothie maker

2) Put them into the smoothie maker or blender as the case may be, pour in the water

Cooks tip: I love adding pineapples in almost all my smoothies, they serve as natural sweeteners and when I peel my pineapples and chop them in cubes, I always have juices in the bowl. This is what I add in my smoothie rather than the water.

3) Blend the fruits until you get a smooth and rich consistency, then serve with toppings of various fruits and nuts of your choice!  I have served mine with more blueberries, bananas and watermelons Yum!

What are you having for breakfast today? Comment below and let us know

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