Chicken and Mushroom Sauce

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On the menu today is Chicken and mushroom sauce, this highly flavorful rich sauce is a great alternative to tomato sauces and stews. It is a very healthy sauce and it tastes really delicious too

This recipe was born out of one of my recipe testing sessions (Trial and error), the good thing with this sauce is that you can totally make the recipe your own, by substituting the chicken with any other protein and vegetables of your choosing but be sure to retain the mushrooms!

Believe it or not, a mushroom is not a vegetable; it is in fact a Fungi and there are various species of mushrooms which vary in terms of colour, texture and shape. Some of these mushrooms are actually poisonous! Very scary I must say. Then why eat mushrooms?

Aside from mushrooms being mouth-watering and delicious, they are packed with a lot of nourishing goodness and insurmountable health benefits. Mushrooms contain no carbohydrates or fats, the absence of these is what makes it a perfect cholesterol level reducing food and immune system booster. You can eat mushrooms all day and not add any weight! How cool is that? According to BBC Food website, Mushrooms are a good source of iron, calcium, vitamin D and most importantly, selenium which aids in bone formation and strength. It’s no wonder vegetarians eat a lot of mushrooms

Mushrooms are very versatile, you can add them to your traditional African soups like okra and ogbono or use them in a sauce either blended or whole and it will still be grand! My mother forages mushrooms a lot, she dries them up and adds them into her okra soups and I must tell you that they come out delicious every time. So whether eating your mushrooms fresh or dried, look to great tasting recipes to bring out its delicious goodness.

Let’s cook!


1) Chicken 1kg

2) Chestnut mushrooms 500g

3) 1 green bell pepper

4) 1 red bell pepper

5) 1 scotch bonnet pepper

6) Chinese rice wine ¼ of a cup

7) 2 table spoons corn starch

8) Ginger 3g

9) Garlic half a bulb

10) Seasoning 8g

11) Salt 2g


1) Prepare all the ingredients by washing then thoroughly

2) Carefully chop the chicken into tiny bite sizes, something you can eat whole

3) Peel the garlic and ginger and blend them together to form a running paste, you need this for the marinade

4) Now pour the Chinese rice wine and the ginger and garlic mix into the washed chicken, mix very well and cover this with a cling film. Pop this in the fridge for 3 hours to marinade

Cooks Tip: marinating the chicken tenderizes it and helps infuse the spices into the meat

5) Slice the onions and set this aside

6) Chop the bell peppers into desirable sizes, you can have fun with this, you can make them into slants or squares

7) Chop the mushrooms in halves (into 2)

8) In a clean wok, heat about 3 tables spoons of olive oil, add in the sliced onions and allow to fry for one minute

9) Add in half part of the chopped peppers and allow to fry for another one minute

10) Add in the chicken pieces without the juice from the marinade and fry while turning the pieces over until browned. Remember the meat has already been tenderized, it will cook quickly.

11) Add in the seasoning and salt at this point, you want all the flavours locked into the chicken while stir frying. The aroma wafting through my kitchen right now is just amazing! You really need to try this at home

12) Keep stir frying until the chicken is visibly cooked then pour in the juice left in the bowl from the marinade and lower the heat

13) Add in the washed mushrooms into the wok and stir. The sauce is actually ready at this point but if you want it thicker, you can then go on to the next step

Cooks Tip: Mushrooms cook very quickly so you want to be careful not to overcook it, reduce the heat before adding the mushrooms and don’t cook for too long. Maximum is 2 minutes cook time

14) While the chicken is cooking, quickly cook the corn starch by first mixing it with 2 ml of water, add another 1 ml of water into a clean pot, add the starch mixture when the water is hot and mix until thickened

15) Pour this into the pan, stir well and allow it to simmer for one minute and your delicious chicken and mushroom sauce is ready! Serve with plain white rice.

My daughter loves mushrooms, she says they tastes like baby carrots. How does mushroom taste to you? Let us know.

Be inspired!


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  1. I absolutely love the simplicity of this recipe. I decided to try your chicken and mushroom sauce since i was tired of tomato based sauces and stews. I didn't have an chinese rice wine on hand, but it still turned out great. It was absolutely delicious! This will definitely be a staple recipe in my home.
    GOD bless you Mariah! You are amazing!
    Thanks a million!!!

  2. Awwwww thak you so much fiona. i am so blessed by your comments. keep trying our recipes out and feel free to tweak them as it pleases you, you are amazing!

  3. Hi Maria, your beautiful egusi soup brought me to your blog from SYTYCC! I am in the process of making your chicken mushroom sauce right now with a few variations. I'll let you know how I get on.

    1. That's just awesome!!! i really would love to see how you get on. any variation you give to an existing recipe, creates a new recipe. i would love you to send me pictures, would post them on my Facebook page. thank you so much