Zogale (Moringa Salad) - A Delicious Superfood!

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On the menu today is a delicious super-food called Zogale (Moringa Salad) which is a special delicacy from Northern Nigeria. Zogale is not a main dish, it is usually eaten as an accompaniment or alone as a snack. My mother used to make this for us in the house and it was always so delicious. My siblings and I used to deceive ourselves that we had just eaten bowls of suya because, Zogale (Moringa salad) leaves a suya after taste in your mouth!

There is a recent craze by millions of Nigerians for Moringa seeds, am thinking, why wait for the seed when the leaves contains equal amounts of vitamins and minerals. The upside is that the leaves can be used as vegetables in soups, blended as a smoothie, steamed like Efo (Spinach) or made into a salad like I have done today.

Originally from South Asia, Moringa Oleifera or drumstick tree as it is sometimes called is also eaten in Malawi, Senegal and India. The leaves are highly packed with vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and antioxidants and they contain properties that are anti-inflammatory, anti- diabetic, cholesterol lowering and cardio- protective. Which means that anybody with any kind of health issues can eat this super-food. It is used for treating inflammation, infectious disorders and problems of the cardiovascular and digestive organs. It also helps improves liver functions, serves as a perfect detox tool and enhances milk flow in nursing mothers.

Moringa leaves are tiny and somewhat difficult to pick out from the stem but if you have ever picked Ewedu leaves, it is basically the same method, although it can be time consuming, the end result is one huge bowl of delicious Zogale.

According to Dr. Mercola’s study, Moringa oleifera is a super-food because,

1) 100g of Moringa leaves contains 9 times the protein of yogurt

2) 10 times the vitamin A of carrots

3) 15 times the potassium of bananas

4) 17 times the calcium of milk

5) 12 times the vitamin C of oranges

6) 5 times the iron of spinach.

And that's just about three handfuls of Moringa leaves! Can you beat that? What are you waiting for? Incorporate Moringa leaves into your diet today! Let’s cook

1) Moringa leaves 100g

2) Fresh tomatoes 40g

3) Scotch bonnet peppers

4) Blended kuli-kuli 30g

5) 1 medium sized onions

6) Seasoning 4g

7) Salt 1g


1) Prepare all the ingredients by washing then thoroughly

Cooks Tip: The moringa Leaves does not get too dirty, but it needs to be washed well so as to get rid of all the dust particles that must have settled on it.

2) In a clean pot, add in the Moringa leaves and four cups of water, or enough water f to cover the leaves

3) Allow to simmer for 6 minutes and nothing more, pour into a sieve, allow to drain and cool

4) Once cooled, squeeze out all the water from the leaves and try to pick out the stems you will find. This happens when you pick the leaves in a hurry

5) In a clean bowl, add the squeezed Moringa leaves and spread them, pour in the blended kuli-kuli and chopped scotch bonnet peppers ( the spicier the better!), toss this around until well mixed

6) Add in the chopped tomatoes and sliced onions. Add the seasoning and salt and the delicious power packed super-food is ready!

 Serve with suya gizzard skewers, find recipe for that here  http://goo.gl/GKOBYZ and you are good to go!

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