Nigerian Ogbono Soup

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So I have this brother in-law from Imo state who has a way of always making life frustrating for me with his delicious meals. To be honest, I get frustrated because I am envious of the fact that he is an absolutely amazing cook. The funny part of all this is that, he has a very busy work schedule but he always takes over the kitchen on Saturdays. Hence my regular Saturday visits to their home. I never miss that. Long throat you will say? But no, I want to learn!

My brother in-laws soups are always so flavourful and packed with fresh and delicious ingredients. The ogbono soup on our menu today is actually one of his many Igbo recipes, He adds the most amazing local spices to his ogbono soup which leaves you guessing what it is you are relishing in the dish. He spares no expense when whipping up those sumptuous delicacies and I hope he will score me high for recreating this one.

There are variations in the cooking method for this dish . You can either add the ogbono into the pot after parboiling your meat or alternatively, preheat a small amount of palm oil, add into the blended ogbono, mix this properly before adding into the parboiled meats. This methods gets rid of those lumps you find in ogbono soups. I have also tasted ogbono soup where people fry their ogbono before adding in the parboiled meats. If you are using that method, you need to change it now because. It darkens the soup.
 Let’s cook!


1) 1 cup of Ogbono 75g

2) Beef 300g

3) Shaki (Tripe) 100g

4) Pkomo( cow skin) 100g

5) Smoked goat meat 200g

6) Stock fish 150g

7) smoked fish 70g

8) Crayfish 100g

9) Oziza seeds 20g

10) Dried chillies ( use as desired)

11) 1 cup of palm oil 75ml

12) Okra 30g

13) Blended dried chillies

14) Seasoning 20g

15) Salt 2g

1) Prepare all the ingredients first by washing and slicing them as required

2) Blend the oziza seeds together with the ogbono

3) In a clean pot, add all the meats, stock fish and kpomo but leave out the dried fish

4) Slice your onions and it into the pot along with all of the seasoning and salt, allow to steam for 3 minutes

Cooks tip: this is a very big soup I am making and I will be needing stock for this dish, I really do not like overly thick ogbono soup, I don’t know what your preferences are but you can totally make this soup your own.

5) so after the meats boil for 3 minutes with the seasoning, I am going to add four cups cups of water to the pot and parboil for another 20 minutes or until very soft and tender

6) Once this is done, add in the blended dried chilies and smoked fish, allow to simmer for 5 minutes or until the fish is visibly tender

7) Once the fish has been tenderized, add in the crayfish and allow to boil for one minute

8) Before adding in the palm oil, stir this very well and add in the blended ogbono

Cooks tip: remember that I have blended the ogbono with the oziza seeds, so by now the aroma that wafts through the kitchen will be completely traumatizing to the hungry!

9) Allow the ogbono to simmer for about 8 minutes, that gives you enough time to prepare your choice of swallow and trust me pounded yam is perfect for this one.

10) Once the soup is cooked, drop it down and add in the okra, the heat from the soup will cook it through. Ogbono has a tendency not to dissolve properly thereby forming lumps so it is good to give it some time to cook; before adding in the okra, you will find that it looks more appealing to the eyes and tastes delicious too. And your delicious one pot wonder is ready!

Please try this delicious delicacy today and don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comments section below, I am blessed by them. Thank you and watch out for my next delicious post!

Be inspired!


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