Never Skip A Meal! - 5 Benefits of Eating Oats Porridge

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It has always been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and skipping it always leads to overeating later on at lunch time. Research has shown that breakfast foods contain very important nutrients such as fibre, magnesium, calcium and various vitamins that the body needs on a daily basis which indeed makes it a very important meal.

There are many busy people who barely have time for breakfast because the nature of their jobs while some others intentionally skip breakfast with the hopes of losing weight. That is very wrong! Breakfast does not have to be time consuming or expensive to make and rather than skip breakfast, here is a quick oats breakfast recipe idea for everyone. Very easy to make, delicious, nutritious and it keeps you satiated for a long time. Aside from it being a delicious breakfast, there are lots of other benefits derived from eating oats porridge.

5 Benefits of Eating Oats

1) Oats is a good source of proteins, iron and magnesium, these minerals gives you all the energy boost needed to kick start your day

2) Oats contains a high amount of soluble fiber which aids digestion, and low levels of carbohydrate which helps reduce cholesterol and by extension the risk of heart diseases such as high blood pressure and heart attack

3) The fibre in oats also helps you stay satiated for a very long time so you are not craving for sugary foods until lunch time

4) It has a very low calorie per 100g of oats, this is good news for people who wish to go on a diet or who are already on a diet, this delicious breakfast if for you

5) It is an excellent for diabetic patients due to the low levels of carbohydrate

Let’s cook!


1) Oats 80g

2) 2 bananas

3) Strawberries 30g

4) Almonds 5g


1) Add a cup of water into a clean pot and allow this to boil

2) Once boiled, reduce the heat and add in the dried oats, stir this with a wooden spatula and allow to simmer for two minutes and the oats is ready

Cooks tip: I know the oats doesn’t look so interesting right now but you can upgrade your bowl of oats by adding delicious seasonal fruits of your choice, it is no secret that I love strawberries and as as such I always look for ways to incorporate it into my meals, so I have used strawberries, bananas and almonds for my oats, served with a warm glass of semi –skimmed milk!

3) Chop the bananas and strawberries and add into your bowl of oats with a sprinkle of the almond nuts all over and your healthy delicious breakfast oat porridge is ready in less than 4 minutes!

No more excuses for skipping breakfast, make yours today! don’t forget to drop your comments below and watch out for my next delicious post!

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