Tiger prawns in coconut milk - A Valentines day special!

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Love is in the air, this is a great time for everyone to express their feelings to their loved ones in very special ways. Love is magical and everyone irrespective of age or race, understands the love language.

Valentine’s day which is celebrated all over the world first began as a celebration of Christian saints named Valentinus, it has however evolved to become a special day where lovers exchange gifts, cards, flowers and pastries of all sorts. It is a special day where people take time out to celebrate the moments they have shared with each other and to show appreciation for the time and attention each has given into the relationship. Isn’t love lovely?

Knowing this day is special, I have decided to create a simple Valentine’s Day recipe that will show your loved ones how special they are to you. It is very simple to prepare yet it surely will impress that special someone in your life.

On this special Valentine’s Day menu, is my Jumbo prawns in coconut milk! I usually reserve my prawn dishes for festivities or when I am out to impress my guests. Isn’t it then a perfect time to bring this out? Oh yes it is! This is dedicate to the lovers out there, if you are planning to stay home but still want a special treat for that special someone in your life or you are out to impress a new flame, this is the way to go. A candle lit dinner for two with this recipe, served with rice and a glass of strawberry infused Champagne; While soft music plays at the background, just the perfect way to celebrate Valentines. Lovers haven I call it!

This amazing delicacy benefits greatly from stir-frying the Tiger prawns in olive oil and blended garlic until it gently releases all it juices; which provides an incredibly rich flavour to the sauce. I must tell you, this is a winner anytime, any day. You want to win that special persons heart today? Let’s cook!


1) Tiger prawns 1kg

2) 2 large green bell peppers (chopped)

3) 2 cups coconut milk

4) 6 garlic cloves (blended)

5) 1 small ginger

6) 2 scotch bonnet peppers

7) Spring onions (garnish)

8) 2 small Onions (chopped)

9) Seasoning 8g

10) Salt 2g


1) Firstly prepare all the ingredients by washing and chopping and blending them as required

2) Blend the ginger and garlic together and pour into the prawns

3) In a clean pan, pour in the olive oil and allow to heat for two minutes, then add in the sliced onions and stir fry for one minute

4) Add the prawns into the pan and continue to stir fry, add in half of the green peppers and keep tossing and turning the prawns

Cooks tip: The secret to getting this amazing dish right, is in the use of green peppers and garlic, these two are perfect partners in this richly flavoured prawn sauce. I must tell you again that this recipe is highly suited to a special valentines candle lit dinner for two!

5) Add in the sliced scotch bonnet peppers and stir fry for another one minute or until it has visibly mixed well in the sauce

6) Add in the seasoning and salt and mix well. You will find that the prawns would have released enough juices to make a sauce but we are not stopping here!

7) Lastly add in the two cups of coconut milk, mix well and allow to simmer for two minutes and our coconut jumbo prawns in coconut milk sauce is really! The taste is amazing and the aroma makes it irresistible!

There it is! Your special Valentine’s Day delicacy is ready! Serve with rice or spaghetti with chilled strawberry infused Champagne while soft music plays at the background. Exceptional!

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? What is your idea of a Valentine’s Day treat? Drop us your comments, we will love to hear from you!

Be Inspired!


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  1. Now I wish I saw this earlier

  2. its never to late to make this delicacy for that special someone!

  3. Very simple and straight forward...finger licking. ..nice one Mariah.

  4. Very simple and straight forward...finger licking. ..nice one Mariah.

    1. Oh wow! am so glad you tried it. thank you for your comment