Stawberries and grapes in melted chocolate

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Desserts are just a perfect way to end a delicious meal; and since this is a special Valentine’s day dessert, you have to make it a delicious treat. The night has to be a night to remember and what perfect way to end it than a delicious and easy to make dessert. this recipe was born out of my love for chocolates, grapes and strawberries. I often wondered how the combination would come out. Having tried it a couple of times, it did turn out perfectly. Am putting this out as my Valentine’s Day dessert recipe, it is just the perfect way to sweeten your lovers tongue after a delicious meal of Tiger prawns in coconut milk that I posted earlier

This dessert has a refreshing goodness to it because the fruits are fresh, the chocolate balances the tangy vibes from the strawberries and adds a distinctive sweetness to the dessert, making it an all-time favourite of mine. I love chocolates even though am not a sweet tooth and I know a lot of people love chocolates too. The upside to this dessert is that it is so fresh, so delicious and so easy to make; you can actually make this in 5 minutes or less and in 3 easy steps, thus giving you enough room for others things like setting the table.

Enough of the talking let’s make dessert!


1) Strawberries 200g

2) Black seedless grapes 200g

3) Chocolate 400g


1) Wash the Strawberries and grapes thoroughly, taking out the vines then arrange them neatly into your dessert cups or if you prefer, you can put them in a bowl. Pop into the freezer for a hour

Cooks tip: arranging the fruits in your dessert cup before freezing saves you a lot of time, you only need to bring it out and drizzle the melted chocolate on it, rather than bring it out in the bowl before arranging into the dessert cups and then drizzling chocolates.
2) While the fruits chills away, melt your chocolate over a pan of boiling water and stir until it is very smooth, I sometimes add a bit of hot water to create a running chocolate paste

3) Once the chocolate is ready, take the fruits out from the freezer and drizzle a good amount all over, so that all of the fruits will be coated in the chocolate and you will still have enough to eat out of the dessert cup.

There you have it folks, a delicious yet healthy dessert., some of the chocolates will become hard again due to the frozen fruits but it still will be delicious!  Dessert so sweet, dessert so healthy. Count 123 and it is ready! Don’t forget to play soft music in the background! Happy Valentines

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