How to make Nigerian Ofada Sauce (Ayamase)

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On the menu today is the delicious Ofada sauce (Ayamase) served with Ofada rice. This special dish is fast becoming one of the most sort after dishes at parties and events, after the jollof rice of course! The sauce has gained a strong appeal all over Nigeria and the Nigerian communities abroad as well. There is no denying the fact that the natural distinctive taste of the rice, combined with the rich sauce which is a delicious blend of unripe peppers and tomatoes, smoked fish, assorted parts and deeply flavoured with Iru (Locust beans) is what makes it such a sort after delicacy

The ofada rice got its name originally from the Ofada people of Ogun state who are one of the local rice producing people of the south western states. The Ofada rice has now become very popular due to the nourishing goodness it is packed with. Just like we associate Basmati rice with Indians and Pakistanis, we can actually associate Ofada rice with the south western rice producing states and this is because Ofada rice is now being exported on a large scale abroad. The sauce was made really spicy originally, it is alleged that the spicy sauce helps reduce stomach fat! Now that is a good reason to make food spicy. I love spicy food no matter the reason and I love spicy Ofada sauce!

Aside the distinctively delicious taste of this dish, there are some really amazing health benefits derived from the consumption of this local delicacy

Benefits of Ofada rice

1) It has an indescribably delicious natural flavor

2) It is highly nutritious and richer in dietary fiber than processed white rice. The dietary fiber in Ofada rice aids digestion.

3) It is packed with vitamins and minerals, one of which is magnesium which helps lower blood pressure

4) It is highly suitable for diabetics, vegetarians and people who are on a diet as this special rice still contains its outer bran layer that is packed with nutrients unlike processed white rice

5) It cooks faster than processed white rice. White rice is cooked first and dried before being sold in bags; while the Ofada rice has not being processed at all and that is why you find stones in the rice when you buy from the market. Are you ready to make this sauce? Let’s cook!


1) Ofada rice 400g

2) Green tomatoes 200g

3) Green bell peppers 100g

4) Green scotch bonnet peppers (No measurements, use as desired)

5) Crayfish 80g

6) 2 large onions

7) I cup of palm oil

8) Iru (Locust beans)

9) Seasoning 10g

10) Salt 2g

11) Assorted meat and pkomo

12) Smoked fish


1) Patiently pick the Ofada rice for stones.

Cooks tip: The stones is one problem the Ofada rice has and it has to be carefully picked else you will have to inform your guests to chew with caution and you don’t want to disrupt their enjoyment, So try and make sure all the stones are out

2) Thoroughly rinse the rice, changing the water at every rinse until the water is totally clear and most of the shaft has gone off

3) Add the rice in a clean pot with 4 cups of water, parboil for 6 minutes. Take it down and drain the water

4) Add 1 cup of water and 1g of salt, cook until tender and the ofada rice is ready!

5) Now to the sauce, prepare all the ingredients by washing, chopping and slicing them neatly

6) Roughly blend the peppers and tomatoes with ¾ of water or just enough water to move the blender blades. You do not need excessive water in this sauce. Set this aside

7) In a clean pot, add in the cubed meats, sliced onions, the 10 grams of seasoning and the remaining 1gram of salt, simmer for two minutes while you mix the seasoning into the meats, then pour in 3 cups of water and parboil for 20 minutes or until tender.

Cooks tip: tripe(Shaki) does not cook easily and you need all the meats to be tender since this is a sauce and as such every ingredient should soft enough and try and watch out for that

8) In a clean pot, add in the red palm oil and allow to bleach until it is blackish and almost transparent, once you have achieved this, set the oil down from the fire to cool for 5minutes

Cooks Tip: the oil is really hot at this point so it is best to allow it cool for a few minutes, if you add any ingredient while it is still hot, everything will come out chard and you don’t want that.

9) Put the bleached oil back on the fire and add in the sliced onions, allow to fry for one minute, before adding in the blended green peppers and tomato mix, fry continuously for 8 minutes. While the sauce is frying, roughly chop the Iru (Locust beans) into tiny pieces, this method is suitable for people who would prefer not to have the Iru (locust beans) too visible in their sauce. You just feel the burst of flavours from every spoon full of Ofada sauce that goes in your mouth!

10) Pour the Iru into the sauce and continue to fry. Iru is the most important ingredient, It adds smokiness and a depth of flavour to the sauce. It is a very flavourful local spice and whenever I use it for my cooking, I am usually very careful with the amount of seasoning and salt I use

11) Add in the smoked fish and the parboiled meats, mix well and allow to simmer/fry for another 3 minutes or until all the meats and fish has been totally soaked in the sauce, our delicious dish is ready! Serve with Ofada rice and fried plantain

So there you have it, your very flavorful and delicious Ofada sauce with Ofada rice, what combination could be more perfect? please drop your comments below. let us know what you think

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  1. I can't wait to try this out....will give feedback soon. I appreciate Mariellas menu approach to cooking. ..makes cooking more interesting ...All the recipes I have tried here came out really delicious..With lots of compliments. Welldone Mariah.

  2. Awwwww!!! thank you so much. you are amazing Gaga!