Indian Chicken Curry

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On the menu today is the delicious Indian chicken curry, Curry is an amazing dish and it is indigenous to the Indians and Caribbean’s. Just like we have different sorts of stews (chicken, beef and fish stews) you can curry any cuts of meat; be it chicken, lamb, mutton or beef, any cuts at all, the idea is to get the meat deeply infused into the marinade for as long as possible.

 So I had this Indian friend when I was at school in Sunderland and she is an amazing cook, she made chicken curry sauce one day, a recipe that was originally her mums and trust my eyes and nose curiosity, I saw, tasted and I have been hooked on curries ever since. I would curry lamb, prawns and chicken too ( these are my favorites). I realized that is I really good to be open minded about the cuisines of other cultures or else you will actually miss out on a lot of deliciousness!

Curry has variations in its preparations, depending on the region in India, the version I will be making today if from East India, I asked my friend what the secret to her mother’s recipe was and she told me that her mother tweaked her recipe every time she made it, just to suit her husband’s preference, for instance he might want her to add fruits and vegetables today and the next time he might want more onions in it, she just does it the way he asks and it always comes out perfect! Which means that you can totally make this dish your own too by adding the vegetables that you love! How amazing can that be?

Chicken responds well to fragrant blend of spices, especially ginger and garlic but the addition of the coconut milk to this dish not only enriches the sauce, it adds a mellow and creamy touch as well thus giving us that perfect combination of sweet, mellow and spicy all at the same time. Ever heard that variation is the spice of life? If you are tired of having stews all the time, this could serve as a perfect replacement and I know your family will enjoy this dish. It serves excellently with basmati rice or pita bread.

Enough of the talk now, let’s cook!


1) I freshly cut Chicken (chopped into small sizes)

2) Curry 100g

3) Scotch bonnet peppers

4) 5 medium sized onions

5) A whole bulb of garlic

6) Fresh ginger 5g

7) Olive oil ¾ of a cup

8) 2 cups coconut milk

9) Seasoning 8g

10) Salt 1g


1) Prepare all the ingredients first by peeling, washing and slicing them

2) add the ginger and garlic into a blender with a small amount of water and blend until it forms a smooth paste, set this aside

3) thinly slice the scotch bonnet peppers and set this aside too

4) add the chopped chicken into a clean bowl, then pour in the ginger and garlic paste, the scotch bonnet peppers, the curry powder and one thinly sliced onions, mix this thoroughly with a wooden spatula until all of the chicken is evenly coated in the marinade

5) Cover with the chicken with a film and pop in the fridge for three hours. This is needed so that the chicken will be deeply infused with the spices, especially the curry.

Cooks tip: For the perfect results, marinade the chicken the same way as stated above and leave in the fridge overnight, the chicken would have deeply soaked in all the fragrant spices giving an excellent finished result

6) Blend four medium sized onions with ¾ of water or just enough to make a paste

7) In a clean wok, heat the oil for 3 minutes then pour in the blended onions and continue to stir fry until very soft and browned

8) Once browned, add in the marinated chicken and continue stir frying with your wooden spatula for another 5minutes or until all of the chicken is thoroughly coated in the fried onions

9) Add in the rest of the seasoning and a pinch of salt.

Cooks tip: you really do not need much salt, the fragrant spices are highly flavorful and they add depths of flavor to this dish.

10) Once the chicken has begun to soften, you will notice this from the change in color from the pinkish hue to white, pour in the two cups of coconut milk and stir very well

11) At this point all the ingredients would have come together, Allow to simmer for another 20 minutes and your East Indian curry is ready!

One bite from this succulent Indian chicken curry is just another perfect way to hold your family spell bound, it serves perfectly with basmati rice mixed with carrots and cucumbers or if they will prefer pita bread it is still good to go. Try it today and you will definitely have your family asking for more!

Be inspired!


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