How to make Nigerian yam porridge (Asaro)

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Yam porridge (Asaro) is an amazing Nigerian delicacy that it is relished by so many people, its main ingredient is the yam tuber, however, the yam porridge as a dish, contains so many classes of food that complements it, making the dish flavourful and mouth-watering. One amazing fact is that, you can totally make this dish your own by adding any ingredient of your choice and it will still taste amazing! I suppose that, that is the power of yam . Even though it is white and plain, any ingredient you choose can flavour it up.

You can simply follow my recipe for a soft and creamy yam porridge and stop there or go all out like I usually do with all my dishes! By making a fried sauce with smoked fish as an accompaniment to the yam porridge and  I chose to serve this dish with grilled chicken. Even though chicken is a lean white meat, the skin has a high fat content and to get rid of that fat, I like to grill the chicken, this also adds a smoky flavour when served with the yam porridge and that is our desired goal here.

Let’s cook!


1) Yam small size (chopped)

2) Tomatoes 20g

3) Red bell peppers 10g

4) Scotch bonnet peppers 10g

5) 3 large onions (sliced)

6) Palm oil ¾ cup

7) Chicken

8) Garlic

9) Seasoning 30g (for the yam, chicken and sauce)

10) Salt 2g

11) Smoked fish

12) Fresh green vegetable (efo)

Fried sauce ingredients

1) Tomatoes 10g

2) Red bell peppers 5g

3) Scotch bonnet peppers 2g

4) Smoked fish 10g (roughly shredded)

5) Small onions

6) ¼ cup palm oil

7) Seasoning 3

8) Salt 1g


1) Prepare all the ingredients by washing them, blend the peppers, tomatoes and onions and set aside.

2) Add the chicken into a clean pot and add in seasoning, salt, garlic, ginger, curry and onions and allow to steam for 5 minutes so that the chicken soaks in all the seasoning, then add in two cups of water and parboil for another 15 minutes or until tender, drain the stock, grease your pan and set the chicken neatly on the pan, grill while you go about cooking the yam porridge for 30 minutes at gas mark 200.

3) In a clean pot, add in the chopped fresh yam, about 3grams of sliced onions, 2 grams of seasoning and 4 cups of water, parboil until tender then set aside, you can even mash some of the yam at this point so you have a creamy consistency when the dish is ready.


4) In a sauce pan, add in the palm oil and allow to heat for 3 minutes, add in some sliced onions and allow to fry for a minute before pouring in the blended pepper mix and fry for 5 minutes or until it looks really fried, then pour this into the parboiled yam, add a cup of the chicken stock and mix very well, You will find the yam porridge already looking amazing because of the beautiful colour juxtapositions.


5) To add even more colour and flavour to this dish, add in the fresh green vegetable when you put the pot down from the fire. You know we love fresh and crunchy vegetables here at Mariellasmenu! Your ever delicious yam porridge is ready.

Cooks tip: you can actually serve the porridge at this point but I am going further by making a fried sauce to go with the yam. If you don’t have time for making the fried sauce then add the smoked fish into the yam porridge at the point when you are frying the blended peppers to pour into the yam.

6) Roughly blend 10g of tomatoes, 5 gram of red bell peppers and 2 grams of scotch bonnet peppers

7) In a sauce pan, add ¼ of a cup of red oil and heat for 3 minutes, add in sliced onions and fry for 1 minute then pour in the pepper blend, add in 5 grams of seasoning and 2 grams of salt, keep frying and stirring for 2 minutes then add in the shredded smoked fish.


Cooks tip: I have used smoked tuna for my sauce today but feel free to use any fish of your choice or assorted internal parts of a cow. The sauce is ready too. Serve as an accompaniment to the yam porridge and your family will be asking for more!

There you have it, your Nigerian yam porridge. Kindly take a look at the beautiful colours I am getting from this dish. I must confess, good food is good. cook for your family today!

Be inspired!


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