Grilled fish with potato salad

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Grilling is one of the most perfect way to cook fish, the result is usually a tender, delicious and healthy meal since there is absolutely no frying involved. The fish cooks through perfectly and still stays in one piece, thus making this method ideal. Grilling fish slowly ensures the flesh retains all the moisture it most have soaked in from the marinade and I must say that a lot of delectable flavors have been combined in this recipe which makes it exceptionally tasty!

I had grilled fish for the first time at the beach, I had it with chips and coleslaw and it was so amazing! So I have decided to recreate that recipe today, but of course I have added my own little twist to it. My version is really healthy because there is no frying involved at all, rather than make the potato into chips, I made it into a salad, thereby incorporating fresh and crunchy vegetables into the dish, making it Mariellasmenu style! You know how we love fresh, crunchy and chunky vegetables here.

I chose croaker fish particularly because it is a very fleshy fish, it is a lean source of protein and a healthy source of omega H3 that helps reduce inflammation in our bodies and protect us from heart diseases and arthritis. It is also not as oily as other fishes we have around so it goes perfectly with the potato salad; but please feel free to use any fish you desire. There are so many other species that are delicious and fleshy as well, just make this recipe your own by using ingredients that you prefer for the marinade. If you don’t like ginger or garlic, you can try using rosemary and scotch bonnet peppers, this is also an excellent marinade for roasts and grills! I will talk more on rosemary at a later date.

Grilled fish is really easy to prepare as most of the ingredients are blended and used as a marinade for the fish before popping into the grill to get that perfect finished delicacy. You can leave the head of the fish on or take it off as you may prefer, I know so many people who do not eat fish head. It’s totally all up to you but due to preference, I have left the fish head on for my recipe. This is an amazing lunch that you should try out for your family. I think we have done a lot of talking, you need to see this glorious deliciousness!

Let’s cook!


1) Croaker fish 2kg

2) Scotch bonnets 10g

3) 2 large onions

4) Garlic ( a whole bulb)

5) Ginger 5g

6) Lime

7) Suya spice

8) Seasoning 5g

9) Salt 2g


1) Potatoes 100g

2) Cucumber 1

3) Carrot 20g

4) Spring onions

5) Cream as desired


1) Prepare all the ingredients first by washing them, gut and remove the scales from the croaker fish and wash thoroughly with salt water

2) Blend the scotch bonnet peppers, onions, garlic, ginger and 2 grams of seasoning, pour all over the fish. Make sure you spread evenly

3) Make slash marks on the fish so that the marinade can penetrate deeply. Spread the marinade into the inner belly and the gills as well, this will ensure that all parts of the fish come out tasty and not just the outer parts. Set this aside for 2 hours


Cooks tip: For best results, marinade the fish overnight! My dear, the taste will be another story all together

4) Take the fish out of the marinade and set on a clean bowl

5) Make a loose paste with the suya spices, the rest of the seasoning, olive oil and a pinch of salt. mix well and coat the fish in this paste, ensuring it is coated on both sides and all over the fish as well, do not forget the belly and the gills.

6) Grease your tray thickly with butter, you do not want the fish sticking on it, so grease properly

7) Pop this in the oven at gas mark 160 and allow to grill for 20 minutes then open the oven and bask the fish with the melted butter on the tray, that way you avoid the fish sticking to the pan.

8) Then allow to grill for another 20 minutes and it is ready!

Cooks tip: you can leave the fish on the grill for longer if you like your fish dry, it will still be delicious that way but I love it fleshy, succulent and delicious. Grilling slowly for 40 minutes is just perfect for the desired result but you can make this recipe yours, Mariellasmenu is all about making you happy!

9) You will love this potato salad recipe, it is a perfect accompaniment for the spicy grilled fish as it balances out the dish, thus making the combination spicy and cool. For the potato salad, peel and chop the potatoes into cubes.

10) add this into a clean pot and add two cups of water or just enough to cover the potatoes

11)Parboil for 4 minutes or until tender but not overly soft, you do not want a marshy and soggy
 looking potato salad. Drain and set aside to cool

12) Once cooled, pour into your salad bowl, add the grated carrots, chop the cucumbers and add this in, add the chopped spring onions, mix this all up, add the cream and the potato salad is ready.

There you have it, your fish grilled to perfection. Serve hot or cold with the delicious potato salad and you have got the perfect addiction combo!

Be insipred!


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  1. All smiles!!! I co-owned and managed a BBQ outfit couple of years back, so you can imagine the nostalgia this post brings. As always I'm reading this with a "watered mouth" :-).