Seafood Palm Butter Sauce

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On the menu today is the delicious fresh seafood palm butter sauce, I believe there should always be one swallow option at every Christmas menu and not just rice alone. This is a borrowed dish from Liberia; the recipe was given to me by my Liberian friend. Although it has similarities with the Nigerian Banga soup, the difference is the introduction of giant crabs and bitter balls (small red garden egg). This just goes to show that Africans are linked one way or another.

Liberians are known to go all out with their meals, they eat very good food and every meal is made with serious attention to detail. They make their meals once a day and it is usually in very large portions. Liberians have many delicacies that I will be sampling at a later date. I chose this particular one because of its similarities with the Nigerian (Banga, Atama soup) I have however tweaked it a little bit and made it my own mariellasmenu style!

This palm butter sauce is not only a great family dish, it is also perfect for entertaining your guests this Christmas. Served with starch or pounded yam, it has the right spices to set you in the mood for Christmas. I put this out as an excellent contender for the year in year out Christmas stew with rice recipe. The freshness from the jumbo prawns and crabs and the rich texture from the fresh palm nuts makes this dish an excellent contender. Since everything about the dish is so fresh, everyone will find it very interesting to try out and it is excellent when served with hot starch or pounded yam!

You want your family talking about your cooking for months after Christmas? You want your friends vying to be on your guest list for lunch or dinner next year? Add this dish to your Christmas recipe menu and I guarantee you that your creativity will be talked about for months. This is a must try at home!

Let’s cook!

Jumbo prawns 500g

Giant crabs 500g

Bitter balls (small bitter garden egg) 3g

Fresh palm nuts1kg

Fever tea leaves/ (beletete) 3g

Banga spices ( ita-ko, irho-goje) 5g

Ikrabo stick


Salt to taste


1) Wash the fresh Giant crabs and prawns in salted water to get that smell of fresh seafood off and set aside

2) Wash the fresh palm nuts to get all the sand off, add into clean pot and pour in four cups of water and then boil until it is very tender and the flesh from the palm nuts are falling off

3) Pour into a small pounder or bowl and mash with a wooden spatula to extract all the palm butter by using a sieve with tiny holes

4) Pour 2 more cups of water into the already mashed palm nuts and begin to sieve until all the palm butter has been extracted

Cooks tip: By using a sieve with tiny holes you not only extract the
palm butter, you also get rid of residues from the palm nuts

5) In a clean pot, add in the fresh giant crabs, prawns, sliced onions, seasoning, salt and half a cup of water, parboil for a minute an half. You don’t want to overcook the crabs and prawns now when it is
still going to simmer in the extracted palm butter, so parboil for a minute and a half, tossing and turning them together so that all the spices will be properly mixed together, then set aside

6) Boil the Extracted palm butter in a clean pot for 9 minutes or until it is beginning to thicken. You want to boil the palm butter well enough so that it doesn’t have to stay long on the fire once the crabs and prawns has been added into the pot. You do not want your crabs and prawns to loose their
flavour and crunch due to over cooking!

7) At this point begin to add in the banga spices, beletete leaves or fever tea as it is called in Liberia, ikrabo stick, seasoning and a bit of salt, stir properly and allow to boil for another two minutes or until the spices has begun producing their aromatic notes!

8) Gently add in the parboiled crabs and prawns, allow to simmer for two minutes and our delicious palm butter Christmas recipe contender is ready!!!

So there you have it, our number one contender for the very famous stew with rice recipe. It is very easy to make and it will make your family and friends see your creative side in the kitchen. Watch out for our other recipes next week!

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  1. you are welcome dear. make sure you try this at home!

  2. This looks amaze balls! Love it unfortunately I can't make it here but will try wen in nija

  3. it looks and tastes amazing! please by all means, try it