Nigerian Suya Gizzard Skewers

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This is one really quick recipe you can actually prepare when all the guests have arrived, that way it remains hot and fresh when you serve it. This is not a contender or replacement for the Christmas rice with stew recipe, I just like adding it to my menus because it brings in a lot of colour to the table. I love a lot of colours in my dishes and fresh fruits and vegetables always help me achieve that. The cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and green peppers just makes the skewers pop! So why not add this in your Christmas menu. It is colourful and it gives the guests the feeling of having real suya at your home and that’s not very common!

This recipe is what I would call a perfect combination of spicy and cool, so you have the suya spices burning your taste buds while the cucumbers, tomatoes and green peppers sets your tongue at ease and cools them down at the same time. Each bite from this suya gizzard skewers is a perfect marriage of these elements coming together as one. This is a perfect side attraction that everyone will love to grab.

It is very important that you select very fresh vegetables because they will be eaten raw. You don’t want your guests abandoning the skewers because you chose bad vegetables. You want really fresh vegetables to go with the suya gizzard skewers that way, the real taste of the suya spices stands out

Let’s cook!


1) Suya spice mix 100g

2) Fresh gizzards 1kg

3) Seasoning 4g

4) Olive oil ¾ cup

5) Fresh cucumber (cubed)

6) Fresh tomatoes

7) Onions (wedges)

8) Green pepper


1) Wash the gizzards and all the vegetables thoroughly

2) Divide the suya spice mix into two halves, pour one half into a  bowl and add in half a cup of water to make a running paste, pour this paste into the gizzards and mix with a wooden spatula, if you like you can also make fork piercings into the gizzards so that the spices can get deeply into the gizzards

3) Set this aside for 30 minutes to marinate


4) Now make a thicker paste with the other half of the spices and the olive oil, add the seasoning and mix well, dip the marinated gizzards into this paste one after the other. Make sure they are well coated


5) Grease your baking tray and add the gizzards into the tray. Pop this in the oven for 50 minutes at gas mark 200. Make sure you check at 30 minutes just to make sure it does not burn

Cooks tip: remember that the bigger the gizzards, the more time it will spend in the oven, you need to put this into consideration when shopping.


6) When it is ready leave aside for 10 minutes or until cool enough, stick the gizzards and the fresh vegetables one after the other in into the skewers. Serve on a platter and display on your table, am sure everyone will reach out and grab a skewer!

Be inspired!


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