Mariellas Prawn Fried Rice

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On the menu today is mariellas prawn fried rice. This dish is a mariellasmenu special that I most often reserve for festive seasons, it is however a great choice for any occasion especially now that it is Christmas! It is a very quick dish that also requires minimal effort to achieve. The whole of this dish can be completed in under 30 minutes and that’s just great for people who love sampling different types of dishes at their Christmas parties.

This dish is the ultimate one pot wonder that requires plenty of attention; the idea is to prep all your ingredients (the fresh vegetables) so that you can give it all the attention it requires, you will find that the end results are well worth the effort. Stir frying on a low heat is essential for this delicacy; you don’t want to overcook your vegetables and prawns, so it is best to keep the heat at a minimal. Let the heat from the rice cook the vegetables gently and you will get a perfect result.

I only make this dish when I am out to impress, I know this will work perfectly for you if you are having special guests for Christmas, it is an amazing way to show off your creativity in the kitchen and a sure way to put a smile on the faces of your families and friends. I put this out as a strong contender for the Christmas rice with stew recipe and I know it is worth it.

Let’s cook!


1) Prawns 1kg

2) Rice 500g

3) Carrot 50g

4) Green beans 30g

5) 1 large green bell peppers

6) 1 Onions medium size

7) 3 red chillies

8) Garlic (1 bulb)

9) Olive oil ¾ of a cup

10) Spring onions 20g

11) Seasoning 24 g

12) Salt 3g


1) Wash the tiger prawns and set them in a bowl, create a simple marinate with grated garlic, seasoning and salt then pour all over the tiger prawns, mix well and set aside for as long as 50 minutes. If you don’t have the time, then marinate the prawns hours prior to when you begin your cooking

2) Wash all the vegetables and slice them into fancy shapes. You can create any shape that you like. For this dish I made thin strips off the vegetables so it blends perfectly into the rice and the prawns are more visible.

3) In a clean pot, parboil the rice with 4 cups of water or just enough to cover the rice, then parboil for 6 minutes or until the rice is tender but not overly soft. Set this aside

Cooks tip: you will need to watch over the rice carefully, if it becomes overcooked, the end result is an overly soft prawn fried rice disaster and you don’t want that, make sure the rice is parboiled perfectly, this is one of the main reasons I said this dish requires a lot of attention.

4) In a clean pot now, pour in the half cup of olive oil. You can use any oil of your choice, out of personal preference, I use only olive oil. Allow this to heat for two minutes then add in the onions and garlic and stir for one minute so that garlic mixes well with the onions.


5) Add in half parts of all the vegetables, half the carrot goes into the pot first since it’s a bit tougher than the other vegetables. Then add half the green beans and continue to stir fry for one minute and nothing more, remember our rule here at Mariellasmenu is never to overcook vegetables!

6) Now add in part of the green bell peppers, and red chillies , then add in all of the seasoning and salt and continue to stir fry until all the vegetables and spices marry. 


7) Add the smaller prawns (washed and deveined) into the pot at this point and continue to stir fry for one minute. Quickly pour in the parboiled rice and mix well with the fried rice ingredients until the rice is fully coated. Taste for salt and add a bit more if required, otherwise continue stir frying then add in the rest of the fried rice ingredients and stir for only one minute and it is ready!


Cooks tip: it is best to let the heat from the rice to cook the other half of the ingredients, that way they remain crunchy, colourful, flavourful and nutritious!
8) At the point when the rice is ready, take out your frying pan and add in a half a cup of olive oil, the marinated tiger prawn needs to be fried in shallow oil and nothing more. 


9) Allow to heat for 3 minutes and start adding in the tiger prawns, this cooks quickly and like I said earlier, this dish requires minimalist efforts but requires attention so it is best to monitor the progress keenly

10) When the tiger prawn begins to cook, you will notice that it starts to change colours from its greyish hue to a very bright orange! Then turn the other side to allow the two sides cook properly


11) Set the prawns down and serve with the fried rice.


So there you have it, our Mariellas prawn fried rice served with tiger prawns! This is an excellent replacement for Christmas rice and stew. I urge everyone to recreate any of the Christmas recipe contenders and send in their beautiful pictures, you stand a chance to win our give away price of 5k worth of recharge vouchers! Aside this, you get you make your family really happy so get cooking now!

Be inspired!


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    1. Thank you so much Ene, you are my strong support and back bone

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