Fresh Fish Pepper Soup- A delightful starter

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On the menu today is fresh fish pepper soup. This is one of the easiest recipes ever as it is time saving and requires very little effort to accomplish. It is just the perfect starter to kick-start our Christmas recipe ideas because, the heat from the pepper, aromatic spices and scent leaves (mint) helps open up your taste buds for more delicacies that will follow. It also helps warm you up this harmathan season

Originally from the riverine areas, the fresh fish is what gives this soup its unique and rich flavour; even though there are substitutes like goat meat, beef and chicken, the tenderness of the fresh fish mixed with the aromatic spices just melts in your mouth and opens up your palate and stomach for the main courses!

Aside from the medicinal value of this soup due to the rich spices used, the catfish itself is rich in protein and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that are highly nutritious and help build your immune system to ward of diseases

This one pot soup requires very minimal efforts, the secret is getting the timing right, so everything goes in the pot but at the right time. Am salivating already.

Let’s cook!


1) Catfish kg

2) Crayfish 20g

3) Dried blended chillies

4) 1 onion (medium size)

5) Garlic (4 cloves)

6) Aromatic pepper soup spices

7) Scent leaves (Efirin, mint) a handful

8) Seasoning 8g

9) salt to taste 1g


1) Boil hot water and pour all over the fish to blanch and set aside for two minutes. Catfish does not cook easily even with this cleaning method , it is however better to clean it this way because the hot water will take out all the slimy coating from the cat fish thereby making it easier to clean properly

2) After two minutes take out the catfish from the hot water and wash in cold water to get it properly cleaned and watch all the slim come off with ease

3) Peel the medium sized onions and four cloves of garlic chop into bits and add into the blender with and half a cup of water and blend until it forms a smooth running paste, set this aside too

4) Take a clean pot and pour in two cups of water

5) Pour in the garlic and onion blend, the dried chillies, season and the salt. I never measure peppers of chillies, I love spicy food so I keep adding chillies until I am satisfied. Just add as much or as little as you like, any amount is just fine.

6) Allow all of the spices to mix together and simmer until the spices has begun wafting through the entire kitchen!

7) Then gently add in the fish in pieces, with the head first

Cooks tip: when cooking cat fish, it is best to put the head of the fish first into the pot because it takes longer to cook compared to the rest parts, adding all the parts together will over tenderise the fish and the result is a disaster. You need the fish in big chunky pieces so everyone gets a nice piece, so its best to add in the head first and after two minutes add the rest of the fish

8) Allow to simmer for another one minute or until it is visibly tender and cooked, then add in the scent leaves (mint),  about a handful should do the trick. Adding the mint at the end enhances the flavour of the fresh fish pepper soup giving it a distinctive aromatic note. This it’s a must try!

So there you have it! Your fresh fish pepper soup starter, with the right amount of ingredients and the right timing, you can never go wrong with this soup. Display this on your Christmas buffet table and I bet you that everyone will reach out for this first!

Be inspired!

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  1. Wow!i'm salivating. Will definitely make this dish.

  2. you have to make it, its so easy and you will find it very tasty too

  3. This looks tantalising n definitely top of d list on my Xmas recipe list. Love this

  4. Learnt something new. Will definitely try it out dearie
    Well done.

    1. Oh thank you so much. am glad you learnt something new