Chinese stir fry pork with broccoli

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On the menu today is Chinese stir fry pork with broccoli, this is also a great contender for the stew with rice recipe, I mean! If it must be rice at all, then let’s bring in some creativity!

Stir fry dishes in general are quick dishes, requiring very little time and effort to accomplish, the idea is to toss and turn the meat and vegetables so they are not over cooked, that’s why it is called stir fry after all. With this recipe, you will be bringing in a totally new taste that will appeal greatly to your family and friends. Even though it is served with rice, the spices and ingredients used in this dish are completely oriental. The rich sauce from the stir fry and the general oriental aroma that emanates from the dish, will send your family and friends rushing to your table and even asking for more, thus showcasing your creativity

One of the main ingredients used in this dish alongside the pork is the broccoli. This is an amazing vegetable of the cruciferous family. it looks like little green trees once you cut into florets. It is one very delicious vegetable that is highly nutritious. Broccoli is a rich source of vitamin C and dietary fibre which helps lower cholesterol levels and lower the risks of blood pressure and  hypertension. it is a versatile vegetable that can be used in a variety of ways. You can either add it in as an ingredient in a main dish or as an accompaniment to dishes, by either stir frying with a bit of olive oil and grated garlic or blanching with a bit of salt. No matter how you decide to cook broccoli, it will always taste great! The thought of the way broccoli fills my mouth up is making me salivate. Every mouthful from this dish is another story all together. It is just amazing that a quick recipe like this can be so delicious.

I know you cannot wait to see this dish already, so let’s cook!

1) Pork 1kg

2) Broccoli 300g (chopped into florets)

3) Ginger 20g (grated)

4) Garlic Half a bulb (roughly chopped)

5) Olive oil (5 table spoons)

6) Dark soy sauce (5 table spoons) or as desired

7) ¾ of a cup of Chinese rice wine

8) 1 Large onions ( Thinly sliced)

9) Corn starch 3g


1) Prepare all the ingredients first by washing them

2) Wash the pork thoroughly and take off all the fat around it

3) Thinly cut the pork into strips and put in a bowl and set aside

4) Grate the garlic and ginger and set them aside also

5) Now combine the dark soy sauce, Chinese rice wine pork, the grated ginger and garlic in a bowl and mix thoroughly, set this aside and allow to marinate for 30 minutes


Cooks tip: The Chinese rice wine is a very important ingredient used in most oriental cuisines, it makes this dish flavourful. It also allows the pork to tenderise and soak in all the other ingredients in advance for the stir fry, this way you won’t have to cook the pork for too long

6) In a clean pot add one cup of clean water and bring to the boil (you can also boil in a kettle and pour into a bowl) then add in the broccoli florets and allow to steam for 2 minutes and nothing more then drain quickly and set aside. Remember our rule here at mariellasmenu is to keep our fruits and vegetables fresh, chunky and crunchy so no over cooking please! At this point the broccoli will be bright green, crunchy yet tender enough for a fork to pierce through it.


7) Put your pan on the fire and allow to heat a little before pouring the olive oil, make sure the oil gets all over the pan by spreading it yourself, you will be doing a lot of tossing so it is necessary the oil hits every part of the pan

8) Allow the oil heat for one minute then add in the sliced onions and allow to fry for one minute

9) Then add in the marinated pork and start stir frying for 2 minutes. You will notice how quickly the pork will begin to release its juices, at this point also, the pork will immediately change from its pinkish hue to white. Keep tossing and stir frying. Reduce the heat and taste for seasoning, if needed add in more soy sauce, that’s enough seasoning for this dish

10) Quickly make a running paste with the corn flour and a cup of water, mix thoroughly and pour into the stir fry pork . This serves as a thicken agent, it is what gives the stir fry its thick rich sauce. If you do not have corn flour, substitute with semolina but reduce to 2g because semolina is thicker

11) Put the fire off and pour in the steamed broccoli and it is ready!

So there you have it, your Chinese stir fry pork and broccoli! Serve with basmati rice and you are good to go. Try giving your guests chopsticks to eat this dish with and let me know how that pans out. Oriental is the way to go this Christmas!

Be inspired!


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